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for Harry Potter and the Wand of Uru

7/13/2008 c8 Pointer3109
"If anyone else thinks that was bloody amazing, raise your hand."

Wait until they start thinking about that bludger and Harry.

Don't remember much about field hockey other than its a rough game played with sticks that can do a moderate job as a club.

Body armor makes sense.

See my previous about wizards and sense.
7/13/2008 c8 2Vilkath
The pads idea is great, so few people think logicaly about Quiditch. Tons of authors have ranted about the class's, teachers, the goverment and some the other huge plot holes the Harry Potter Universe has in it but few talk about the sport. About the only thing I really remember people talking about that much is how almost every thing relised on the Seeker. A good seeker can win almost any game, while a great team will still more then likely loose with a lousy seeker since the game would never end, and even a great team might have trouble scoring enough points get a 150+ lead before the rival team catches it.

Heck the fact the game is played on a Broom itself is rather stupid, imagine how much manueverable the sport would be on almost any other flying object. Carpets, or some kind of snow board like configuration where the feet are strapped in and the person stands would let them use both hands to catch, pass and shoot the ball. Way better then trying straddle a thine broom stick and usualy hold on with one hand while holding a ball big as your head with the other.

Not to mention there not any kind of safety features built into the quiditch pitch, something simple like perment cushioning charms in the grass to act like a safety net would only make sense in a freaking school sport. Official games, perhaps have to deal with the injurty/death of a fall but you can't ask children to put up with it. I mean look at harry's 3rd year? In cannon where he fell off his broom at a height several times normal and Dumbledoor still only barely caught Harry before hitting the ground. Not a single other teacher or person watching the game was on standby to catch a fallen player?

Heck Pomphery wasn't even on standby to heal an injury with the way Lockheart vanished Harry's bones so easily in the second year.
7/13/2008 c8 Isles
Awesome story, I look forward to future updates =)
7/13/2008 c8 gaul1
good chapter, keep up the good work, byes
7/13/2008 c8 2bmatsea
this just gets better and better. and your right i did find out about this off of dlp, but then again I never listen to what they say over there.


looking forward to more
7/12/2008 c8 11selenepotter
I like to see the ferret get beaten up too!

I wonder if that dream was prophetic. I guess we'll see, next year!
7/12/2008 c8 3Guyver Unit 1
Very good story. I personally lean toward HHr so I hope that this does turn out to be HHr. From the way it looks now, I think it will be. Keeping my fingers crossed and putting this in my faves.
7/12/2008 c8 jbfritz
7/12/2008 c8 10Mackon
Way way OOC and I'm having allot of trouble getting into this story maybe I'll try again when your finished.
7/12/2008 c8 BDSanta2001
Snape's going to be twice the d*ck now. I can't for the life of me figure out WHAT kind of explanation Snape had come up with in his head for the Oedipal Harry/Lily incest. He would know Lily from growing up enough to know she wouldn't be into that kind of thing and Harry is only 11. Some depraved plot belonging to James Potter involving hexes and potions? Imperius? Too weird and utterly hilarious.

I don't think I can stop finding this Sporty Hermione so extremely fascinating.
7/12/2008 c8 1Bobboky
7/12/2008 c7 luckykas
Too many have started this story and abandoned it, its like its jinxed. You to have started and done a great job so far, hope you can continue on. looking forward to how you play the Halloween scene as Hermione is not the lonely bookworm this time.
7/12/2008 c7 Tarrin
Blood Brillant story. I like your version better than sliveragies. As for parings any girl would be better than ginny.

Eagerly watinh fr the next update.
7/11/2008 c7 Tetris Ex Machina
Great story so far! It really picked up once you started to deviate from SilverAegis's story a little more.
7/11/2008 c7 athenakitty
It would be very funny for a lot of Neville haters to get the drop on him. Just how many ladies are you planning on having Harry to hook up with? Is Harry going to get a wizarding camera? Some more bad jokes with Sirius's name would be nice. Does this mean that Harry dislike Ron?
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