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for Harry Potter and the Wand of Uru

7/5/2008 c6 2Apocalypse Thou
Another great chapter. The Scarlet Witch reference got another laugh out of me.

I'm really looking forward to what changes have been made to Snape. Is there going to be any retribution to H/H&D for attaching Nev? Dumbledore would want to look out for him after all.
7/5/2008 c5 2hash4uall
well u should add mystery to teh story, something about the girl links her to voldi right.. he might have performed crucio on the hat? or accessed a part of his soul in the hat and controlled it? the possibilities are endles.. but only what is on ur mind is the truth.. so wat say you? update man.. update...
7/5/2008 c5 11selenepotter
Great Chapter! Is Codelia the best 5th year girl in Gryfindor? Looks like the pureblood inbreeding has taken its' toll.

With as many house changes as you've made, you need to post a list of who is in what house.
7/5/2008 c1 5rdg2000
I'm glad someone is picking this story back up and reworking it. I wish you good luck in this matter... you may need it.

On to the next chapter.

7/5/2008 c4 11selenepotter
Here's an interesting idea. How about having Harry try to resist 'shiping until his hormones forced him to when one girl too many throws herself at him.

or perhaps he could 'ship with Moaning Myrtle . . . with having her become corporeal. They could have a purely intelectual and platonically loving relationship until Myrtle starts trying to fix him up with girls to satify his urges . . .
7/5/2008 c3 selenepotter
I love this Story. From the title, I almost thought you'd taken up my God of Thunder Challege.

Harry and his new wand was great!
7/5/2008 c2 selenepotter
Of course, Harry could tell his parents the truth in a sarcastic manner and they might not be so mad when they found out he was sirius, later.
7/4/2008 c1 selenepotter
just discovered this story and I love the first chapter!
7/4/2008 c2 2Mister Wonderful
Why does everyone think that Lily was smarter than James? From the looks of it, in the books, James and Sirius were natural geniuses that excelled at school without even trying. I don't remember any mention of Lily being smart like that.

Sorry about the rant, but I keep seeing that more and more in stories and it bugs me. And I know that it was in the original fic by SilverAegis, so your remake isn't really at fault. Although, I would like James to get some recognition once in a while.

Other than that, I am enjoying the minor differences so far. This is a great storyline and I hope you continue to do it justice.
7/4/2008 c5 bob
This is excellent. One of the few "redos" that is actually original and entertaining. Not replaying canon is a good decision.

Butch Hermione... yikes. I'm vaguely frightened.
7/4/2008 c1 2Apocalypse Thou
P.P.S Wanda Maximoff? I got a good laugh out of that. Thanks.
7/4/2008 c5 Apocalypse Thou
It's about damn time that someone re-wrote this story and improved. I've read the original and probably 3 or 4 different re-writes and this trumps them. I hope you keep writing 'cause i definately want to keep reading.

P.S Thank you for removing the eerie Harry/Lilt 'incest' thing that Aegis had. That creeped me out. *shudder*
7/4/2008 c5 Pointer3109
Harry and the all girl crew. Works for me. Keep him on his toes.

That lot will provide all sorts of smoke screens.

What happened to the Omake?
7/3/2008 c1 5ElectroCyborg
2.) Likewise, the creepy fixation the Blacks and Potters have with getting their PREPUBESCENT children together disappeared more thoroughly than Dubya's dignity.

I rather liked the idea in the original, I think they were teasing the two children and was an attempt by the original author to add a side plot which would convey humour.

However you really need, to follow his idea of having a different pairing for Harry Potter, to show how different the world is to Harry's original world.

Yeah now I'll go back to reading your story.
7/3/2008 c5 Nicole
I adore your version of Hermione, she kicks ass. Why oh why did JKR ruin the canon version by removing her brain and sticking her with the lazy moron?
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