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6/29/2008 c3 jd
Excellent reimagining of SilverAegis's tale. You took out some of the weaker aspects in my opinion, and you added a new power source (I don't believe I've seen Thor!Harry before, so well done). I hope you continue updating at the rate you have been, as every other remake seems to have gotten bogged down. Also, it appears that you are currently setting up a H/G. I support this notion, but I could also see how you may turn her on to Neville permanently. I hope you do not, but that is only my opinion, and I am not writing the story.

Anyways, good story, keep it up!
6/29/2008 c3 MiFo71
Very good, in many ways better than the 'source'.

Q: has Harry now both of Thor's children's wands ? (And he's now ambidextrous, so he can use both at the same time, uh oh...)

Harrys trip to, and arrival at Hogwards will be illuminating, one way or the other. Just who will be there for Potions and DADA ? And what about the chamber ?

Thanks for the work.
6/29/2008 c3 1kidneysrgood
hmm, i see the differences, keep it up.
6/28/2008 c2 wolfawaken
Yes! Very Good. Keep writing and I will read every last chapters.
6/27/2008 c1 Darksnider05
I'm very curious how you'll do this story or will you just drop it un, it could be really good but a lot of people just drop it.
6/27/2008 c1 9tumshie
Nice start, I recognise parts but you've inserted enough new material to make it your own. I look forward to reading more
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