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for Harry Potter and the Dream of the Founders

5/16/2015 c4 dragonlovewater
Quick question. Are you dead?
1/30/2015 c4 Chezhran
... Amazing piece of art. I really like this lovely piece of fiction. And I wouldn't mind it replacing the original story for me. Somehow to me, this seems more.. Real and I really look forward to follow your updates to this beautiful piece of art

Good luck. The stars speed your way.

12/27/2014 c1 Sixstringsamurai83
First chapter i like, Captured the essence well, my ONLY Critique is stupid really but.. in the order of the phoenix harry didn't know he had people watching him, which is why he was So angry at Dumbledore for not telling him because he could have had someone to talk to
other than that i can't wait to see where you go with this
11/8/2014 c4 Mythicall Moon
Oh, I hope you continue to write this story!
3/23/2014 c4 Guest
I love it! Please post next chappie asap
3/22/2014 c4 10Philosophize
Please don't abandon...
11/19/2013 c4 Guest
Looking forward to next chapter
1/30/2013 c4 shewolf235
Wow, plz continue with this story, It hooked me wen I read the 1st chapter, I do have a few suggestions for pairings tho, but I'd like to kno frm u who the 1st pairing is that's set in stone b4 I suggest a few myself, as for Hermiones n Ron's friendships with Harry, I'd like to see Ron's entire family support Harry n turn away frm the headmaster, along with a few of hogwarts staff n other wizarding families... Also I think this story should b a Ginny n Dumbledork bashing...

I would also like to see some Slytherin students n their families like the Greengrass, Zabini, Malfoys (except Lucius) Nott n a few other families should start supporting the Grey/Neutral side...

Families frm RavenClaw to support Harry.
Changs, Clearwater, lovegoods, n a few of their friends families...

Hufflepuff families
Diggory, Abbott, Bones n only their closes friends...

Griffindor Families
Longbottoms, finnegans, Thomas, Weasleys (except Ginny) Wood, Bell, Patils...

And all the members of DA...
9/18/2012 c4 Charmedfanforeva
Love the story. I do hope you get back to writing more soon. I have always love where Harry becomes more powerful and independent. I also like the bashing of Dumbledore and where Severus is good. Don't know if some of the Weasley's will be bad, but like it when the Twins are with Harry. Hermione, too, good.
8/25/2012 c4 projectjay
i hope that you will write this story again, it is very good and enjoyable
8/14/2012 c4 1PyruxDeltax
When are you updating?!
3/18/2012 c4 madnessman
in all truth the letter by harry for his friends seems to trusting all it would take would be for them to lie and find out where he is and and take him back after obliviating him to forget everything he learned and taking everything that could possibly bypass that so he'd be none the wiser
1/17/2012 c4 blueberrypie94
12/27/2011 c4 PurpleBullet
I really like this story. I cant' wait until you post the next chapter.
10/16/2011 c4 1LadyElena17
love this story so far! hoping to read more!
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