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for Naraku has a kid

8/19/2008 c1 Your sister overlord
Well, since I've been given permission to dis this. I've decided I won't. It's a lovely story, full of plot, perfectly placed humor, in-depth characters, and beautiful and touching scenes. (You however, do *not* have permission to comment on my sarcasm.)
7/23/2008 c3 Yuti-Chan
Cool chapter ^-^
7/22/2008 c3 69Tempest78
heres a tip don't bunch words together and you will get more readers and might even get more reviews ^^;
7/16/2008 c2 Yuti-Chan
Great work ^^
6/28/2008 c1 Tempest78
Interesting beginning
6/28/2008 c1 Yuti-Chan
Great beginning of the story, please update soon! And Sango is a traitor ?
6/27/2008 c1 20Shichinintai'sGoddess
Cool im reviewing my own stupid story

nobody will like it

but i do

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