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for Battle Wounds

3/29/2021 c4 3KindOfObsessed301
one of my favourite stories, I come back and read it every few months! Jasper is definately my favourite character in Twilight.
5/7/2010 c4 16FelicityT
Nice. FelicityT
11/1/2009 c4 thepinktabby
A brilliant beautiful piece! It's perfect for Jasper.
10/12/2009 c4 basket1544
Thanks for the memories of fun reenactment days and a story about my favorite two Cullens.
10/9/2009 c1 10PrincessFerdinand
Wow, this is absolutely fantastic. I love how you characterize Jasper.
7/30/2009 c1 MoriaAngel
Well done honey!

I'm actually a bit miffed by the fact that you have gotten so few reviews on this story. It's very sweet and loveable!
6/28/2009 c4 hochexplosiv
This is why I just love Jasper. He is one of the most interesting characters in the books. And sadly one of the most unexplored. But now you took good care of that. Thank you.
5/28/2009 c1 MotherAtHeart
i'm very impressed, not only with your wonderful story but the obvious amount of care and dedication that must be given to sustain such a hobby, it sounds like it would be a lot of fun, i can't wait to read and discover more, oh, and where - and how - do you do this?
5/8/2009 c4 1illereyn
Alice and Jasper certainly are a very happily married couple! I love the fact that Jasper had an opportunity to revisit his past, and in doing so discovered soemthing about himself to help with the future.

3/4/2009 c4 1spinningleaves
Aww such a beautiful Jasper and Alice piece. I also lovedd the look at Civil War Reenactment- what a perfect activity for Jasper! The end with the cute little girl was perfect as well!
2/20/2009 c4 10BellaTonks
This is a nice look into some of Jasper's past ... the reenactments are cool. Keep it up! :D
2/6/2009 c1 24BlindingFirefly
This is intriguing! I can tell you've put a lot of thought into it. Amazing! A story that isn't totally half ass! What a novel concept! Anyway, I'm loving this foray into Jasper's mind. Well done!
2/1/2009 c4 21Realynn8
This was a really wonderful story, I loved it. :) Very well done.
1/28/2009 c4 11SweetProserpina
Great story! Really enjoyed it- I'd love to see a picture of Jasper and Alice at a re-enactment!
1/1/2009 c4 Blueskiesover
Aw, I love Jasper and Alice! Great story.
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