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for The Promise of Touch

12/12/2008 c1 26Amorissy
For someone who's experience of seduction could fit inside a thimble, she did really, REALLY good. So did you. I go to read your sequel!
11/27/2008 c1 47SG1SamFan
That was alternately funny, heartbreaking, and wonderfully romantic. I loved it!
7/29/2008 c1 3Johesaphana the Magnificellent
very well written!

you really should continue!


7/6/2008 c1 3Kitty-0-kat
*sighs happily* Brain sizzling and heart fluttering all in one piece, you are all things fantastic!

I hope you'll decide to make a 3rdish one about what he decides to do with his new found freedom.

7/1/2008 c1 15KateCayce
You must continue this story!
7/1/2008 c1 31KLCtheBookWorm
That was incredibly hot! I have to go turn down my AC unit now.
6/30/2008 c1 10JesSickUh
My favorite lines were:

Why don’t you go and relax for moment? You know, stalk around the perimeter, glare rogue squirrels into submission. You know, fun Cain stuff.”

and this:

“Just remember, I wanted this. I wanted you. I still want you. But you have to decide how much of me you want.”

The story was both funny and sweet, and wow DG underestimated her ability to be a seductress.
6/30/2008 c1 16She'sGotHighHopes
Wow. I can just imagine how stunned Cain was when DG took charge and seduced him like that. Poor guy. I can't stand the thought of him isolating himself like that. I'm glad that wall came down. One can only hope the road will lead him to DG.

Loved it! Thanks for writing it.


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