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8/13/2013 c1 13EmilytheSlayer
This seriously should've happened in TSCC.
I seriously love this.
6/1/2010 c1 Smierc
Yep, straight from T3, but since TSCC ignores that movie, John still needs to learn that lesson. Nice one.
3/17/2010 c1 zzxxphaser
This is what she should have don.
5/12/2009 c1 MarshallOC9
not that im judging its a nice story but you got that straight out of T3 didnt you
1/9/2009 c1 Dr. Pluto of 1812
9/13/2008 c1 JovialShogun
Part of me thinks that John needs that. At least he has been better in Season 2.
7/3/2008 c1 13Phoenix Rises
That was good =) really enjoyed it. u describe the action really well =) keep up the good work
7/2/2008 c1 Alana84
Aw, I really liked this one-shot!

Awesome fighting scenes btw, and the interaction between John/Cameron was great as always!

So she made him tougher, huh, cool!

Well done!

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