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2/4/2009 c18 9shelbyforeverlovely93
aww cute chapter
2/4/2009 c18 57temporaryinsanity91
ha ha that was hilarious
2/3/2009 c18 smp8421
Great chapter. How great is it that their having twins, now I just hope nothing goes wrong with Angie being back. PMS!
2/3/2009 c18 JENJEN87
yay please update soon i can't wait please please.
2/3/2009 c18 saderia
Yay Twins. One of each love it. I can't wait for more.

2/2/2009 c17 jhall1394
Hey love your story please write more soon,and I wanted to ask you for a huge favor I didn't like the way Instant Star at all and that wasn't even the planned ending they were supposed to have a season 5 and by the time they found out about the show they already filmed the last episode of season 4 We deserve to know how it would have ended and I really believe in Tommy and Judes love for each other please go to the myspace and in the search engine type the myspace website/saveinstantstar/ I didn't create it but it has some good ideas to help save the show alsso sign the petition and the petition you can find the petitition webssite in the myspace profle under jordanI didn't create this ether type the webs abdress please spread the word thanks I really appreciate it and just let me know!
1/29/2009 c17 saderia
I hope Tommy means what he says. I can't wait for more.

1/28/2009 c17 LindaISFan
I'm glad you finally posted. I missed this story. I hope that Angie does not cause too much trouble between Tommy and Jude and that she doesn't end up a psycho like her brother. On another note, if Jude is so big, could it be possible that she is expecting twins? Please post soon.
1/28/2009 c17 9shelbyforeverlovely93
i cant wiat to see what happens and who d chooses update soon
1/28/2009 c17 57temporaryinsanity91
oh snap! 'tude Jude is in the house! lol post more soon, i loved it.
12/31/2008 c16 9shelbyforeverlovely93
aww it sad but good update soon
12/7/2008 c16 Jenn6891
wow i was still all the way back on chapter 10!

i really hope tommy talks to jude about what's going on so this angie thing doesn't drive a wedge between them.

and i REALLY don't like that angie is back and trying to get back together with tommy!

i'm gonna guess with jude being that big so soon and not being to a doctor's for 2 months that jude is pregnant with twins.

update really soon please
12/7/2008 c16 almosthadyou
its really good :D:D
11/9/2008 c16 MelodyHearts093
11/9/2008 c16 57temporaryinsanity91
okay... definitely have t post more soon...
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