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11/9/2008 c16 beach.lover.510
that was great post more soon please
11/9/2008 c16 saderia
Tommy better stop acting like a jackass. and talk to his wife.

10/25/2008 c15 Tinkerfairy22
omg you so have to update soon i am dying to know what happens next i am so excited i hope tommy tells jude and doesn't try to hide it.
10/25/2008 c15 JENJEN87
PLEASE CONTINUE.It ws getting so good. its been awhile since i read this story but it was worth the wait for this chapter but please try to update soon.
10/24/2008 c15 mrsmagee2011
omg no way! cant wait til jude hears about this... btw i always thought that angie would be something like this... great job!
10/24/2008 c15 saderia
Wow i didn't see that coming. I hope Tommy means what he says and stays away from her. I hope he doesn't cheat i like Drama just not cheating Drama. That was so worth the wait. Update real soon.

9/20/2008 c14 beach.lover.510
this is great post more soon please. =)
9/20/2008 c14 larydreamer
and now? who is this Lucy?

hope nothing bad!1 PLEASE post soon
9/20/2008 c14 saderia
I hope this Lucy chick won't cause problems for Tommy and Jude. I can't wait for more. So glad that you go on with the story.

9/18/2008 c13 dammiteliza
so i decided to give you the pleasure of sending you a review
9/14/2008 c13 saderia
Hey i hope you finish the story for those who do review. I can't wait for more.

8/25/2008 c12 saderia
another great chapter. I wonder what Sadie has to tell Jude. Update soon.

8/11/2008 c11 2the-power-of-love
wow loved it update asap plz
8/11/2008 c11 saderia
Hey that was a great filler chapter. So Jude hasn't gone back to G-major yet?

8/2/2008 c10 Jenn6891
*new reader*

i LOVE this fic!

please please please update soon!
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