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12/6/2021 c41 kt shepherd
WOW! please keep on writing! this is a great story and I look forward to a showdown between Kenobi and Vader (not to mention some nice intimate moments between Kenobi and Padme).
11/17/2021 c41 Ky111
Great chapter, looking forward to the next one.

Until then.
10/22/2021 c40 Ky111
Great chapter, really seems like the Jedi are screwed as there nearly seems to be more Sith amoungst their ranks then actual Jedi at this stage. Plus the Jedi and the Republic as a whole just seem to be no match when compared to the resources that the Sith Empire has at its disposal.

That being said it's obviously far from over between Obi-Wan's on going mission, plus Vader is just as likely to make a massive strategic blunder in his impaitence and arrogance. Plus it seems like the Sith Empire may start to splinter which would really turn things around, as there are obviously soldiers who were loyal to Sidious and not the Empire. Add in that infighting amoungst the Sith Lords will probably break out as others start trying to take shots at becoming Emperor/Emperess plus Sidious will also clearly be trying to regain his throne as well.

Until the next one.
1/3/2021 c39 Ky111
Great chapter and what a twist. That's going to make things interesting.

Until the next one.
12/8/2020 c38 Guest
Well I am sorry to say I found this boring I got to chapter 11 then just skipped ahead. I am not trying to be mean I have respect for anyone who is willing to write.
12/8/2020 c38 lucel18
Thank you for this update!
12/8/2020 c37 lucel18
Thank you!
12/7/2020 c38 RandoUser777
Huh, I was kinda starting to like Quinn. I am pretty sure that any character that I start to like you will eventually kill. Nevertheless, good update.
12/6/2020 c38 Ky111
Great chapter, looking forward to the next one.

11/20/2020 c37 RandoUser777
Also, I have a sinking feeling that Obidala will not actually happen. Or it will happen for a few moments and then be heart wrenchingly destroyed like Ayla and Miler. However, you writing is so good and your characterization is amazing. The world building you also wrote is amazing. I usually do not like depressing stories that are filled with tragedy and will probably end with tragedy, but this story is so good that I still read it.
11/20/2020 c37 RandoUser777
Huh, at the moment, Julian and Quinn seem to be the least messed up. This story is kinds depressing. Great writing!
11/20/2020 c36 RandoUser777
Man, this gets darker each chapter. Excellent story
11/20/2020 c30 RandoUser777
That was extremely unexpected. Did not have a clue he was the saboteur.
11/20/2020 c23 RandoUser777
Um, well that is just awful. I kinda liked him before. Now I hate him. Poor Miler. He was the best character. Poor Ayla.
11/20/2020 c20 RandoUser777
Not its even more interesting. There's a sabetour. Its gotta be Julian or the grumpy Jedi
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