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1/29/2011 c9 undeaddade
What happened to nadias story ' Barney looked like he was seeing a ghost.

He was looking at the cat.' Dr. Breiner has a story. Other than that this story was great.
8/4/2009 c9 5allymcg777
sequels are always nice :)
8/4/2009 c8 allymcg777
beautiful brown eyes you say? I wonder who's eyes :D
12/11/2008 c1 2inkoholic
very good story i luv it! specially when the lil kitty scratchet the poor rebel girl :D
12/10/2008 c9 KeomaExMachina
Okay, let me say for the record that this story is kickass, and one of the best half-life fanfics I've read in a while. Very well written. I really hope you do write a sequel. Also, it would have been funnier if you'd had more of Magnusson's special brand of charm come out in his parts.
11/28/2008 c9 Karamazov
Great again. I actually preferred your rendition of a longer stay at White Forest. Ep2's "let's overhaul a massive old Soviet helicopter in fifteen minutes!" plot point really irked me.

Again, you write extremely well. Very natural voice, very logical and natural plot/characterization. You avoid leaping into improbable scenarios and everything always remains believable, which is not the case for certain other fics. You don't try to ask too much of your reader. And that is a very good thing.

I would like to read more of your work, even if it does not continue in this particular plotline re: the cat and etc.
11/26/2008 c9 8Kadigan
Sequel yes awesome please pronto. :D

I love your character portrayals, your situations, your style, your voice... and KITTENS! What's not to love? Write more please; you have at least one devoted fan.
11/26/2008 c9 25cheezburgerlover
""Kittens," he said."

AHAHA! YES! You don't know how eager I was for something like that to happen.

Excellent, and somewhat touching chapter! I like how Nadia would only let Gordon handle the kittens, that was kinda cute.

So, are you implying that the reproduction suppressor also applies to cats? Because as far as I know, the Combine don't care if cats multiply.

Sequel idea: Either Nadia or one of the kittens sneak onto the helicopter before Gordon and Alyx leave, and only in mid-flight, do they find her/him?
11/15/2008 c5 Karamazov
You write exceptionally well.

Please continue!
11/13/2008 c8 6Disrupted Original
To cheezburgerlover: Yes, she was referring to the jokes. Sorry about the miscommunication. Also, thanks a lot for all of the reviews! You're awesome. Same goes for everyone else. Thank you.
11/13/2008 c8 25cheezburgerlover
No worries! I am not too eager with novelizations either. Excellent update, although I'm still waiting for the cat to do something major. Or *gasps* will it not do anything like that at all? 0_0

But what did you mean in this passage?

"You might want to listen in. All the men seem to find them hilarious."


Is Alyx referring to the jokes? Other than that being a bit unclear, nice update!

The lover of cheezburgers,

11/6/2008 c7 1Chainsaw Tactics
Hey this is really great. I've gotta say, I love Nadia. She acts just like my tabby, Twin. Calico kitties are so cute, too! ^0^

But your writing's really good. I really feel bad for Gordon. It's easy to forget that anyone who was in his shoes would be scarred for life. Thanks for dragging that empathy note back into our gameplay! :D

Also, wo! Barney! Gotta love the cheeky bastard.
11/6/2008 c7 3One Schim
yes! you updated a fic I thought would never see the end. Great chapter, although I kinda get the feeling that you rushed it a bit near the ending.

and no, you were not the only going 'what the ..' when seeing those damned spheres... gah ...
11/5/2008 c7 25cheezburgerlover
And the cliffhanger! Nice! No, when i saw the Magnusson devices, I said, Oh, hell YES!

But the important thing is, you updated. Freaking finally!

Update again soon! I await it with much... anticipation! yes, that's the word.

The lover of cheezburgers,

8/8/2008 c6 6Vypress
This chapter was short, but delightful. As a Barney fan, I enjoyed his playful banter. I can so imagine him pulling this joke on Gordon! I also especially liked that brief flashback when Nadia was playing with the shotgun shells. That such an innocent, feline stare could evoke feelings of *normalcy* must've been quite blissful, especially in a war-torn world. It was very moving.

More please. :)
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