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5/29/2017 c23 AA121
rain was soo good
5/30/2013 c17 Guest
That is THE cutest thing I've EVER read!
3/14/2013 c3 rita777
That was too funny...only Seth.
12/20/2012 c35 2ocgirl.fr
Thank you for all these one shots, they were all wonderful and you offered us so much variety both in writing style but also in genre, it was awesome!

Cheers !
12/20/2012 c20 ocgirl.fr
teh - hee love litlle Sophie, way to salt up their game !
12/20/2012 c15 ocgirl.fr
wow, that was really intense and incredibly sad :(
12/20/2012 c12 ocgirl.fr
So sweet !
12/20/2012 c3 ocgirl.fr
hillarious !
12/20/2012 c10 ocgirl.fr
Aaaw, sweetest thing ever !
1/20/2012 c23 anna
might be one of my favourites - for some reason I always love kaitlyn/ryan, julie/ryan almost family moments.
1/20/2010 c8 10kellou24
Absolutely incredible! Definitely my favorite so far. Would love to read it in Ryan's POV.
7/9/2009 c35 14kezztip
I loved this story - I've been reading it every spare minute since yesterday. I think my favourite chapters were Coffee, Unexpected and Stranger (you can see I am a Townwood fan) but I can appreciate the artistry of the darker chapters like Blue and Baggage. You are an excellent writer and your characterisations are some of the best I've seen on this site.
7/1/2009 c6 secret eternal dreams
haha , good thing i dont like taylor


very good (Y)
4/28/2009 c10 1tanilc
u are so funny. although if i was summer this might make me not want to procreate with seth.
1/26/2009 c35 Dogsbody
How ubelieveably sweet and fluffy.But in a good way.
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