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3/22/2019 c24 Guest
I really liked this! The pacing was good throughout the story. Sometimes fan fictions drag out or are too short but this one was perfect!
1/2/2014 c23 11nooni19
Wow, a really well written, believable and awesome story. : )
1/2/2014 c20 nooni19
And they know, dun dun dun... Really good
1/2/2014 c15 nooni19
I really liked this scene of JJ letting it all out
1/2/2014 c12 nooni19
I like the use of hannah to make JJ talk
1/2/2014 c10 nooni19
I really loved the end of this. Well done
1/2/2014 c9 nooni19
I haven't watched higher ground, but I am looking this so far
1/2/2014 c7 nooni19
At least JJ has a bit of a breather now
1/2/2014 c5 nooni19
All those thoughts running through her head...
1/2/2014 c4 nooni19
I quite like the way that Emily reacted, quite her
1/2/2014 c3 nooni19
Aw no poor JJ. But good for Emily going back
1/2/2014 c1 nooni19
Good first chapter
8/29/2013 c24 67sezzyb
5/15/2011 c24 1vampiremuggle
awesome story! i've read it a couple times now, and it just keeps getting better :) i love it!


vampiremuggle at gmail dot com
3/16/2011 c24 20dino-dog83
Awesome story my friend. JJ is my fav. character in both CM and HG so I always love a good xover!

Gotta say though, I was waiting for some sort of scene where Garcia looked up Daisy, Scott and maybe even Peter and Sophie to see what happend to all of them so at least JJ could know even if she didn't want to "intrude" upon their lives now. I always imagined that Scott made it big at football and gives a lot of money to kids charities, Peter and Sophie are happily married and still looking after the kids at Horizon, and Daisy is...well so many possibilities but I always kinda picutre here as a councillor (maybe at Horizon, maybe not).

Great story. I think you got the characters down pretty well, especially JJ/Shelby. I also really liked the lil' scene with Morgan outside the police station!

Keep up the good work!
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