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for The Sun and the Moon Together

10/1/2018 c1 2Ronniecoln 88
Ugh. Zutara. Number of Zutara hints? 0. Number of Kataang hints? More than the stars in the sky.
8/10/2011 c29 31raptorhunter18
It took me a few days to finish but I loved em all oh the prison scene kung fu panda and im a halo nut I love the halo shorts its sad to say but I woul love to see their fight on reach
7/25/2011 c5 6Awesomicle123
Its good so far,but i have a few suggestions.

1. I think you should add a little bit more detail.

2. The script form is a little irritating to read, so maybe you should consider writing it in paragraph form (although i know how much of a hassle that is)
11/30/2010 c3 brianne19
did you get the inspiration for this chapter from a deviantart cartoon, because it is pretty much exactly the same. great fics btw!

7/30/2010 c20 13Lord Creator
Nice. Very nice.
7/28/2010 c18 26PermanentlyFrozen
I like it, its fluffy and gruesome. =)
7/27/2010 c17 PermanentlyFrozen
I like it! You made a spelling mistake, when Zuko told Katara not to apologize, 'Apologies' is not how you spell it, its 'Apologize' but I'm sure you'll fix it. It could be fluffier! But I REALLY LIKED IT.
7/26/2010 c16 PermanentlyFrozen
Me likes! I just love everything about these stories, but I didn't know there was a second Zutara week! Cand someone please tell me the EXACT dates of Zutara week(s)? I'M BEGGING
7/22/2010 c12 6Always-Courage
no wait this one is the best fan fic ever! its soooooooo right! katara on cactus juice is the best thing that ever happened!
7/22/2010 c10 Always-Courage
7/14/2008 c8 1Pepipanda
That's exactly the attitude I like! It doesn't matter if it ends up Kataang in the finale, Zutara is still awesome!

About the story, I liked it. Katara values Zuko's opinion a lot and I can definitely visualize Zuko on a motorcycle. Hakoda's line "It's hard to believe the dark depressed kid that always hung out with you is now dating Katara." made the story fit even better. Great job!
7/13/2008 c7 5idkmybffspike
7/10/2008 c4 Fire-ofthe-Sun
OMG! That was awesome! I seriously thought she killed him. I loved it!
7/10/2008 c4 3StarlightandDaydreams
OMG! that was awesome! i was actually scared for a minute there
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