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for Legacy of the Light Hawk

12/31/2023 c18 DracoKing30
really love this story can't wait for new chapters
12/8/2023 c17 wolfpackgigglesback
12/7/2023 c1 wolfpackgigglesback
GXP and Naruto...nice.
11/9/2023 c16 14MacMan3679
You really need to learn how to keep your continuity straight. You’ve already written that Naruto knows his Elemental Affinities, you mentioned him being extremely strong in water and wind. Kakashi has already tested him, you need to learn to keep the facts of your story straight.
8/14/2023 c2 potato
an average failure rate is not a guaranteed failure rate.

Nice job rehashing canon interactions in a decidedly uninspiring way.

Also. It's 'genin'. and 'hitai-ate'
8/14/2023 c2 Guest
The all black ensemble is dumb as shit and a surefire way to tell people I'M AN OUTSIDER AVOID ME AT ALL COSTS
8/14/2023 c1 Guest
it's country's destruction, not countries. possessive is apostrophe s. plurals is ies (among others but you know what I'm getting at).

for example. Your policy's details. Your fancy's recitals. Your country's provinces.
4/19/2023 c19 1Currahee506
morae soon please even filler chapter/episodes are important for char development and keeping us interested
3/26/2023 c19 DracoKing30
Really love this story can't wait for new chapters
12/22/2022 c7 ROBERT
why not had Naruto and his wife s had move to why was be the whirlpool lands he made a home when his made it like the lords had one only thing is the a full of bad guys stuff like swords and others stuff like cut off heads of foes he took out both ninjas and others too, when then his had made his bed room on the 1 floor and 2 part is living room and a books room , when then is 3 and 4 is when his had keeping some others stuff too, bust of men and women like , and past war ships and battle ships too, why not had him mix his body with the fox then his had mix his powers and life force with it now,
12/16/2022 c8 ROBERT
sir the Legacy of the light Hawk i Robert k well had be Naruto had move his own destiny into the lost lands of the whirlpool lands he ruler lord of it and 2 is his marring to ion is sill up to it too, as for 2 wife is sarkura and his had ownership of a boduny huter inc his the head of it and lord of the whirlpool and his keeping workings vs s class bad guys and women too, when his ark star ship is on the top of star trek star ship , when the fox beast body his had now, when the swords too, when move to it now is the clans home of his mom and dad he put them into under town home now, as well is the town too,
12/16/2022 c2 ROBERT
why not just had eat breakfast 1 has the not eating breakfast is not good to doing vs him , 2 if i was put on the same team with Sasuke is not cool and seeing how the vaillge had thinking of him as some kind of god or king is a pain in the ass , as for Sakura she need to get out of the fan girl out of her , i Robert k well be doing into the non Hokage of Naruto and his to be her JOUNIN cap , with Sasuke be going rouge ninja ,
12/11/2022 c1 ROBERT
why not let Naruto had move his clan home money and others stuff to the whrilpool and his had put the ash jar into a under part when his put it up now, and his time his had made his home into the east is now home now, into the others stuff is his star ship the ark star ship now, he had as his own now, he put into a top part is other star ship the star nights now, his bed room and living room , and his workings as a bound huther and took out big time s class bad guys and women like , he had made the fox into his own body now, and be made into a long life now, as for the savers city was 1 be took out and money gold bars and others stuff he took now, art pics on the wall now, and slaves he free now, 50 guys and women now, and boys and girls too, he made the former city be put to fire now, and others heads of top boss and top men and women like now, he then move to the whirlpool now, he made a city to the east part now, he meeting up with Sakrua his wife now, like him she is now life like him , and then he set to the office now, a SP looking home now,
11/19/2022 c9 ROBERT
why not let Naruto and his twin brother had rulers of the whirlpool and both had made the sky lights city name Kushina no go name of the 4 lord , he and his twin brother had workings on the clan lands now made new shops now, and had a air ships now, when both boys had lead them own star ships now, and had jobs too like ninjas stuff and under city when Naruto had fights into night clubs now, his wining them too, when made a east vallinge now when his ex body g is kange of it now, the same one had put him into the ninjas school or jail , his be doing the school back then too, when his had mix the fox into his own body now part fox beast and human too, his had fights vs some side shows before now, his had keeping his home now , Hyuga and ion his 2 wife s now,
11/19/2022 c8 ROBERT
when the home his mom and dad may had be took out but his find the under part is here full of scrolls and others stuff too, pics and team stuff too, when his move them home now, on the 1 floor was when the men who run the house unit is now Naruto own office now, when others floors is a gym his be workings with muslces now, and other room is his own bath room now, when last floor is bed room and eating room , when the lib is now full , his had swords now and daggers too, his had took out foes out now, even to the west when had took his long lost famly girl now, her is ruler now,
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