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for Legacy of the Light Hawk

10/21 c19 tiger9868
please update
10/4 c19 DainBramagedMoFo
Nope. maybe next fanfic.
Be well mofo.
9/19 c19 dbtiger63
Hahahaha! 13 years and still growing. I applaud your tenacity. Hate to say anything against this FF I’ve enjoyed but I must, you ask for them. Reviews. Naruto not using techniques his Juraiyan(?) blood allows, as if it’s cheating sounds silly. If he was tall, he’d crawl so as not to offend smaller people? He uses only one hand when fighting weaker enemies? The real cheat is to have access to abilities that will help protect his loved ones and ignore them because of the “advantage” in his mind. Nonsense in my opinion. Senjutsu, dojutsus, the ability to merge elemental affinities exist; the advantage gained using them is no different. Anyway, enough said.

Thank you for never giving up on this work!

9/19 c2 Scott Marshall1
I feel like canon hinata is a bit too week and her sister or rtn hinata would have worked better but that just me
9/17 c19 shadowwolf2345
I really have enjoyed this so far and hope there will be more on this story soon.
9/17 c6 gwb620
I’m sorry but that’s just dumb. There is no way Kakashi would let Naruto sleep in the forest knowing that Zabuza was alive, had an accomplice, and that he would be needed the next day. Plus with Haku supposedly wanting to convince Zabuza not to fight, yet shows nothing to indicate that. It just seems to be an asspull to make pointless drama and trauma for Naruto.
9/16 c4 gwb620
I’m gonna guess you really hate Sakura. Because the questions she asks Tazuna makes complete sense since she has never left the village and she is 12. That is rather sad to bash a child for not knowing anything about an entirely different country and asking about it.
9/16 c1 gwb620
Why change his personality? That’s just stupid. It might as well be some oc instead of Naruto. The idea is great.
9/15 c19 6my 2 guys
that was great keep the chapters coming
9/13 c19 Shifter
Great story continue as soon as possible please looking forward to seeing what happens next chapter. Please also continue A Foxes Tale soon
9/14 c12 agnar
you really seem unable to make up your fucking mind! First Naruto never held Kyuubi. Then he did hold it, then they extracted it, now you're just putting it right the FUCK back in.

Seriously, did your fic have any point to all this earlier shit, since you essentially reset the plotline every other chapter?
9/13 c19 XXX777
Both Dealtshadow and Phoenixlord write lemons on Fanfiction without getting purged.
9/13 c19 AshBladeHentai
Great Chap, keep up the awesome work
9/13 c9 twisterblake2015
9/13 c8 twisterblake2015
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