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12/22/2022 c7 ROBERT
why not had Naruto and his wife s had move to why was be the whirlpool lands he made a home when his made it like the lords had one only thing is the a full of bad guys stuff like swords and others stuff like cut off heads of foes he took out both ninjas and others too, when then his had made his bed room on the 1 floor and 2 part is living room and a books room , when then is 3 and 4 is when his had keeping some others stuff too, bust of men and women like , and past war ships and battle ships too, why not had him mix his body with the fox then his had mix his powers and life force with it now,
12/16/2022 c8 ROBERT
sir the Legacy of the light Hawk i Robert k well had be Naruto had move his own destiny into the lost lands of the whirlpool lands he ruler lord of it and 2 is his marring to ion is sill up to it too, as for 2 wife is sarkura and his had ownership of a boduny huter inc his the head of it and lord of the whirlpool and his keeping workings vs s class bad guys and women too, when his ark star ship is on the top of star trek star ship , when the fox beast body his had now, when the swords too, when move to it now is the clans home of his mom and dad he put them into under town home now, as well is the town too,
12/16/2022 c2 ROBERT
why not just had eat breakfast 1 has the not eating breakfast is not good to doing vs him , 2 if i was put on the same team with Sasuke is not cool and seeing how the vaillge had thinking of him as some kind of god or king is a pain in the ass , as for Sakura she need to get out of the fan girl out of her , i Robert k well be doing into the non Hokage of Naruto and his to be her JOUNIN cap , with Sasuke be going rouge ninja ,
12/11/2022 c1 ROBERT
why not let Naruto had move his clan home money and others stuff to the whrilpool and his had put the ash jar into a under part when his put it up now, and his time his had made his home into the east is now home now, into the others stuff is his star ship the ark star ship now, he had as his own now, he put into a top part is other star ship the star nights now, his bed room and living room , and his workings as a bound huther and took out big time s class bad guys and women like , he had made the fox into his own body now, and be made into a long life now, as for the savers city was 1 be took out and money gold bars and others stuff he took now, art pics on the wall now, and slaves he free now, 50 guys and women now, and boys and girls too, he made the former city be put to fire now, and others heads of top boss and top men and women like now, he then move to the whirlpool now, he made a city to the east part now, he meeting up with Sakrua his wife now, like him she is now life like him , and then he set to the office now, a SP looking home now,
11/19/2022 c9 ROBERT
why not let Naruto and his twin brother had rulers of the whirlpool and both had made the sky lights city name Kushina no go name of the 4 lord , he and his twin brother had workings on the clan lands now made new shops now, and had a air ships now, when both boys had lead them own star ships now, and had jobs too like ninjas stuff and under city when Naruto had fights into night clubs now, his wining them too, when made a east vallinge now when his ex body g is kange of it now, the same one had put him into the ninjas school or jail , his be doing the school back then too, when his had mix the fox into his own body now part fox beast and human too, his had fights vs some side shows before now, his had keeping his home now , Hyuga and ion his 2 wife s now,
11/19/2022 c8 ROBERT
when the home his mom and dad may had be took out but his find the under part is here full of scrolls and others stuff too, pics and team stuff too, when his move them home now, on the 1 floor was when the men who run the house unit is now Naruto own office now, when others floors is a gym his be workings with muslces now, and other room is his own bath room now, when last floor is bed room and eating room , when the lib is now full , his had swords now and daggers too, his had took out foes out now, even to the west when had took his long lost famly girl now, her is ruler now,
11/19/2022 c16 ROBERT
with the money he had he made some new home on the housing now one is east part when his keeping a home office and men cave too, and some time he had storage some old swords he had keeping now, 2 king cobra swords he had on the job his time with it now his be working with the house now and be into the red lights now , a old inn his owner now and his had some 5 bed rooms now and on the wall is old time s class men and women his had took out now, when a bar is on the top floor now , his and his own time was good too,
11/19/2022 c10 ROBERT
when Naruto had keep a pic into his heading nick thing of his wife now, when get to move to the whirlpool now his time fights vs others s class men and women had helping with the money his had made a sky city now, his had his office on the top floor housing now, his on the wall is team pics his 1 team 7 and his own ninjas team outlands his own abut black ops team and old ninjas vasts too , and ninjas head band too, when in long black trench coat and white too, he had siting to working now, run his lands now, Hinta and ion both marring to him now, when then both had to sill workings now, his had say no wife of my is not to be lords wife , then when in the west room his had on the wall is death masks of past foes his had took out and old swords to ax both dagger and battle ax , when his had seeing to Danoz is took out before now, when his is now home now, sleeping in bed now,
11/19/2022 c9 ROBERT
why not Let Naruto mix his own powers and the fox powers too and his had keeping the beast and it powers out of the hands of evil men or women like , ad for his own time he had keeping it now, when Hyuga own duether had doing too, so she is his wife and queen too, as for the whirlpool his had it back now thinking of DR who own home earth now, with Naruto and his wife had a sky city now, and his be doing it to run it now with body huhter and others ninjas stuff too, when his name the big city of Kushina and Minato city now, his had too Sasami his other wife now, when put her in the run the clan now, and Ion is marring too, when his had ask them to get more powerful and muslces too, his not in the move for fan girls or rich women who had not working for a life , when then his had the ark star ship on the top is others one thinking of star trek , when both his mom and dad had living into the reams of CB net , his had find out foes into his time his vs like into dc comics and star wars ,
11/18/2022 c7 ROBERT
why not let Naruto had mix up the fox and his took the fox powers and his made a new body like fox with super size long fur and his three too, when his had made some time his had powers now and when over time his made his grand father and mother seeing it now to helping out vs others , his be doing bound huther and made his job so good and fights vs others and his had money into the end and his had move up the ranks too, like Cuuuin and then up to others ranks too, when into his own team had move up too , when Naruto had marring ion and sarkura and ten-ten too, when his move the old Apartment to the whirlpool and his clan home too, when his had made a fox like inc hut inc and it is now a killer joy inc , his be to both dc comics and star wars , when his made his army out of ex slaves his had buy out get and buy out others too, as well is star ships too, his made his 3 wife s had workings into the whrilpool and his made it now his not need a wife who had not workings in them life , his not to like others lords of ninjas , when now 3 swords his had on him and 3 guns too , when took out others s class men and women like to a and b ones too, when his office had old ninjas vests on the wall and head band too, as well his mom and dad old ones too, team pics too , when his had own team 7 and team outsides fire, when his had scrolls to reading now, and map now, the city his made is sky high city now his made out of star ships and odd stuff too, when others came to find death masks too on the wall of the meeting room now, his had keeping now, 2 rob units one is his mother and dad now, both be made now, saving him now , when back on star ship ark fox fire it was home now, his keeping a little star ship on the top of the ship now , when pots ships now, his made out of x wings and y wings and ties ships too, when mix with powers like Ben 10 had is more then 980-9840-0 now, even fire men and wings now, and a four arms now,
11/17/2022 c7 ROBERT
why not let Naruto had move to the lost lands of the whrilpool and his had 3 wife tenten and ion and Hitiea and his had workings as a boundy huther and his abut black mask is hell dog and then black fox and red fox , his had took out s class men and women like out and his had money now and was made his wife working too, when his had some meeting with his clan now over it now, and with his money now he had made lord of the lands now, with kage is Roberto Lee wolf a former ninja boundy huther and abut black ops cap is Ricky gar sky white nights , with his wife Hinta is head of mic and ion co head and ten-ten is shop owner now, when his move the wealth and Library and others stuff with him and both mom and dad clan home and town now, and the apartment his had is now a inn and it is his 2 home now, why not had him be mix with the fox power and his had the sole now into him and his now the fox now, with it his going into the stars now, when his had his star ship now and his get the ark now and his be the star ship on the top now , when his had 2 Robs Robert and Fin fin 2 long time warriors of his clan had and them had be with him now, as his had 4 swords now , and 2 guns and light bow now, his had took out big time foes out now, when his had keeping working with others too,
11/13/2022 c1 ROBERT
why not had Naruto be mix with others powers of powers like Ben 10 , unlike Ben who had only 10 Naruto had all of them into his own body and the fox powers too, when his had super size powers super men , and a super mine like bat men , and his had his own inc light hawk a bound huther inc his had put into the lost lands of the whrilpool and his had the CEO and head of it and owner too, when his time he had mob money to set up a sky city his home now, when his time fights vs others bad guys the s class bad guys and women like he made his code name be good too, his had mask like tiger wolf and fox and some others he had them be put on the wall now, sir why not let him marring Sarkura ion and ten-ten and hihat , when each women had to working too, his had be to slavers city in the sand lands his took it out now , art money form had helping now his can buy star ships and his had free slavers into the reams like star wars and dc his fights vs them and keeping his skills good his fights vs others like a evil army of them now when his took out the last one out his get a cut off head now and a sword and ax like now on the wall of his home now , his had the rank of lord now , and his son with Ion Naruto Leroy fire hawk had be name CEO and head of the light hawk inc , like his old men his fights others too, and ten-ten 2 kids a girl kit and her twin brother a Roberto fin fin , had working with the same inc now, when others kids them had 2 others sons with Naruto and ten-ten , Jeff and billy ford , is working in abut black ops , now,
11/12/2022 c8 ROBERT
when Naruto had his king Cobra staff max with a sword he used on foes as his was a bound huther and took out bad guys and women like s class and a too and when living on the road his came to buy out a books shop he get owner ship of it now, when into it now is a 2 room into the ware house part his had keeping workings with sword and others ninjas stuff now, he made his own destiny here when his cord name hell dog is out fights vs others he took down now, even his mix with the fox now and made his battle suite now bower hat and clothers too he fights was good too, when made the whrilpool now his had keeping the sky ships and his was bigger size one fox fire , he had flying it now into the sloe of the ship is Robert Leroy a long time fighter of times past , his now part of the ship now, as for the 2 pots fighters is his dad own Ray Ray black brat and tom Danny , 2 long time fighters who is into the sub reams now, the 2 had siting on the ship with him and his wife now , flying to sky lands now is when Naurto and others living now , sky lands city is bigger now, when made the Uchiha money had made sky lands city good now , Naruto had keeping his end of the big room a meeting now he and others living now quit now , Naruto had his home to the wast part now and run the lands now,
11/12/2022 c1 ROBERT
with it the scroll Naruto had get to find out about his mom and dad 2 clans and seeing the list of money was took too , when the 5 had took over he had let her seeing who was into it before him is not cool and his like and love to seeing the same vaillge pay back the money now , form his team mat own mother for her fur jackets she had ownership of it too, and some others too , when his showing his not playing it all , when his out doing bondy huther and took out s class men and women like and some a class men too, when his had the money too , now to put into the clan own now, when his had be thinking of move to the whirlpool now and took on the #5 lord and his is doing it now, when some old star ships his had took out and be put as a big size tower now and on the 1 floor is office now, and others parts were bed rooms and live room now, when then new wings be add to his mom and dad home and town his move it to the lands now, as for the shops one is when his keeping light hawk inc his own inc when his run it now, as CEO and head of it now, when his had others form star wars and dc comics now, as some had clans fire fox wolf and bear and oz made up by women of star wars and dc too, when made hill to the west is when the killer joy inc and light hawk is it now, when into the office is when his had cut off heads now , on the wall now, and swords and ax s of his foes too, when team pics of killer joys is get long too , some had them own star ship now, ark one is Naruto own star ship with add one on the top is out of star trek now, his name it KIMIKI fox fire now, when on the sides is pots ships and some time cub rooms is on the 1 floor now, black fire is his 1 officer now and 2 is a wolf black nights rick MCColnd son of fox and wolf , his a mix of them now, when then his marring her now black fire now, so the 2 had quit it now, his new 1 officer is Ash fin fin Robertson a free fighter and his had his own clan too, Robertson no go , and 2 is a green fox women Sammy Leroy ford , she had not clan Somber jack a hell dog Naruto 2 Lt ,
11/11/2022 c7 ROBERT
why not let Naruto had some time to his new swords and his battle ax and dagger ax his get now and his took out more then his foes like out and over time his money get bigger then most think of , his had buy out a old books shop out and his time into it he had a 2 room for his had run a spying and he took out salvers out a evil city in the land of winds and money form it had helping too, art and slaves form it had helping too, money form had helping too, when his made the lands of whrilpool he now run it now, he had made his home the fox den now, 40 bed room home with out sides yard now, his time run the lands now is quit too,
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