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for Legacy of the Light Hawk

9/12 c19 god of all
Great chapter and story so far please continue this story soon.
6/30 c16 4reaver216
I thought you said I aka shy checked his affinities
6/17 c18 Guest
Great storyline looking forward too next chapters
4/25 c18 stevenfreer87
Is this dead?
4/10 c6 9Ironmchfn
... I was excited to continue this. But you're going down a slippery slope giving him random powers now. I might finish it someday who knows.
1/16 c18 Guest
Great storyline looking forward too next chapters
1/2 c18 SPark681
Hmm, damn a good story so far I hope more comes along anyways keep up the great work!
12/5/2020 c9 GT Porter
Perhaps this will be addressed in a later chapter. It's been a long time since I watched TM or TM GXP so id nearly forgotten this, but witch form is Washu using at the moment, her matured side or little Washu?
11/7/2020 c18 Gyromon
Hope your having fun writing this story. I'm looking forward to seeing the next chapter in the story
10/19/2020 c14 haylesanthony5
do you watch wwe or something
9/22/2020 c18 1Currahee506
More please
8/24/2020 c18 Guest
Great storyline looking forward too next chapters
8/5/2020 c18 ashleyclarke943
Please write more!
8/4/2020 c18 Hrodhvitnir
I just found this story and was blown away, the blend from naruto tenchi muyo to chronicles of Ridick and what I believe is a little bit of yu yu Hakusho is nothing short of amazing(not forgetting the nods to marvel). I cannot wait to see where in which direction you take this world in. please continue this amazing story.
6/11/2020 c9 Kitsune Obsessed Freak
You need line breaks between different parts of the story. It's hard to tell when each part starts and ends
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