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for If Every Word I Said Could Make You Laugh

11/16/2013 c12 Guest
The last line! 'Not knowing this was the last night we would spend as best friends' you mean forever or are they going to date when he comes back?
11/4/2013 c41 Guest
love love love love love love love. best story ive read in a long time, soo funny!
11/5/2013 c37 ruthnickcj
Omg just when I thought you couldn't make me laugh more lol.
11/2/2013 c4 Guest
really enjoying this so far. i have laughed out loud an embarrassing number of times..
11/3/2013 c33 ruthnickcj
Lol god you are funny! I love Emmett's song lol
11/3/2013 c29 ruthnickcj
What the hell he wasn't supposed to say anything.
11/2/2013 c26 ruthnickcj
It's about damn time!
11/2/2013 c18 ruthnickcj
Still an asshole.
11/2/2013 c11 ruthnickcj
What an asshole! He knows what he is doing is just string Bella along.
11/2/2013 c8 ruthnickcj
God that sucks!
11/2/2013 c4 ruthnickcj
Lol man the beginning was funny. How fucked up was that Edward had a girlfriend.
10/31/2013 c31 OposKneg
Did they do no planning. Where is the malpractice insurance? They can't take Daddy C's house or his retirement plan. Everything else should be in Esme's name. Dang, my hubby is a MD. We have everything in Trusts and we are both the trustee of it. Bank accounts are in my trust….so everything is covered, Cars…in my name. All there is is Malpractice Insurance. Hope everything works out for them….you are keeping me up very late with this story. I keep coming to the end of a chapter and thinking, I'll stop here, but there is that next button, and before I know it, it will be 3 am….sigh.
10/31/2013 c13 OposKneg
I have to chuckle here, I just got back from WA. Took my 91 year old Father in Law out to see his sister in Port Townsend and instead of sitting around listening repeated conversations for 3 days went out to Forks to see the sights. The guys would have been driving in a circle to see all the things you listed, I wouldn't have know if I had not just visited. Forks has only one stop light and absolutely no decent places to eat except for the bed and breakfast that we stayed at the Miller Tree Inn, AKA the Cullen House. That was fine dining…the rest….ugh!
Made poor hubby take my picture everywhere, so sad, but hey I was there and had to document!
Enjoying your story…Thanks for the great read!
10/28/2013 c47 Cortney
I don't really know when this was really posted but I just want you to know that I treat IEWIS as one of my classic favorite books. I come back and read through both of them every few months. I love them very much and they are so dear to me. I know you tossed around the idea of creating this into a stand alone book and I just would like to encourage you to do so and that if you ever do, I would be very interested in procuring a copy. I always look forward to hearing more from this world. Anyway. I really just wanted to send this to you in thanks. This story has gotten me through my college years and has grown with me as my life has progressed in many ways I never expected. I'm so grateful that you shared this story. And I am sad that I missed nearly all of it's real time publishing.
Anyway, know that, no matter what, you have at least one fan who reads this story with vigor and joy and appreciates the deep effect it has had on my life.
Sincerely and with deep appreciation and gratitude,
10/14/2013 c1 7Emmettloverforevertilltheend
I would just like to say- I have read this story a while back. It was the first fanfiction I ever read, and to this day, it is still my favorite. Thank you so much for writing this, you inspired me to start writing fanfictions myself, and to that, I am ever greatful
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