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7/23/2014 c6 Banana man
( nice name i know right) XD i have sonic unleashed and you did a pretty good job on this *thumbs ups Xv* ;)
1/18/2013 c9 amyrk456
bi*ch you made 8 chapter then stop what is wong with you. You can't stop loving sonamy stuff
11/25/2010 c8 Ichigo the fox
Please keep writing more stories and finsh this story please I want to know what happens Next. P.S you rock and your stories rock.
8/20/2009 c8 71CrazyNutSquirrel
XD That was just awesome... XD And Chip won't wake without screaming will he...? *shakes head* I wish I could sleep like that, my Mom wouldn't scream at me to wake up, that's for sure... 8)
8/20/2009 c7 CrazyNutSquirrel
XD Woot! :D I hope Chip finds out about the shikon jewel... that would be pretty cool! ^_^
8/20/2009 c6 CrazyNutSquirrel
This was an awesome chapter. ^_^ The only game I know of where he falls on his face, is Sonic Unleashed. And I love Chip too! He is totally awesome! So is his supply of chocolate. 8D
8/20/2009 c5 CrazyNutSquirrel
O.O! That's all I can really say... this story is so hilarious, and so shocking at the same time...!
8/20/2009 c4 CrazyNutSquirrel
XD That's just... LOL is all I can say. :P
8/20/2009 c3 CrazyNutSquirrel
XD That's hilarious! :D And you've switched everything around nicely. ^_^ Just a note, the story should be in default text, the author's note should be in bold. It's a little hard to read the story otherwise.
8/20/2009 c2 CrazyNutSquirrel
8/20/2009 c1 CrazyNutSquirrel
Ha ha uh oh... Sonic you jerk! That's so rude! And without the lady's permission...!
2/13/2009 c9 4SonicChick
1/29/2009 c8 1blacksakurablozzom11
col plz update plz its really good
11/7/2008 c5 Shade
Thats ok because I had Like happen to me.:( anyways good story.
10/15/2008 c4 mew lozzii
hi this is dead good when r u doin the next chapter
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