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for Let Him Go, SakuraChan

8/6/2014 c1 Uh. What
This was so weird. First, let me get this straight. Sauske burnt himself up? That's pretty funny! The end was sort of slamming door. Nothing that made it feel like there'd been a resolution to what appears to be almost 4 years passing. It's just sort of ... blah. jsm
7/17/2013 c1 1World Maker 777
t'was a good ending, you should have multipule endings for it!?
7/12/2008 c1 1Kirezen
I liked it. It was a nice little sweet story. Good job
7/11/2008 c1 iluvnaruto4563
i luved it! really good!
7/10/2008 c1 StreetRacerSakura
Aw That Was Kind Of Sad=But God You Can't Say It's Amazing And Loving=Just Luv^^=]-xoxox-

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