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7/13/2009 c33 2ELMO-kibafangirl11
o-er-o! dun dun dun!

yay! chapter! i was wwaiting for either this or one from fangirls, but i dont mind, just make sure you dont forget fangirls either! ;)

hm, this reminds me of a story me and my cousins once made up... we were going to do a doctor who sylvanian families video (if you dont know what sylvanian families are, they're little animal-people), and the character we used for doctor who also had a son and a younger son, so we were like "OH! we can make him go to a time paradox and meet his younger selves :3"

it was funny XD but we never made the video... too much planning, not enough time... eh heh heh...

ANYWAY, back to the story... loved this chapter! it was so interesting... i'm left confuzzled as always, but not in a bad way. i'm curious... very curious (HP1 XD)

update soon!
6/24/2009 c32 10KiriNoMiko
Finally got around to reading this :) I like it I do, the story's moved on quite nicely. There are a few things however:

1. When Kimi - or Juusanbi - is fighting Taro the first time, she seems to destroy his Naginata, but moments later she stabs him with it.

2. "Your precious ‘killing intent’ has no effect on me." this scentence seems a little clumsy, and almost doesn't make sense. It might be worth re-phrasing it.

3. Itachi screams "I can't let her die!" but I'd say it would be more effective - and more like Itachi - to have him insist "I won't let her die." That way, you get the intensity of his newly-realised passion for her, while still retaining the ice cold Uchiha-ness :)

4. "what Is and what Was – what Might Have Been and what Might Still Be" I'm pretty sure that's a line from LOTR. It's Galadriels if I remember correctly.

5. "So how to I go through?" typo alert!

6/17/2009 c32 1Tsuki Kiba Kumori
0.0! what happens next? kimi cant die! you got to feel sory for itachi to though, they make such a cute couple. ^_^ great story, please keep updateing :)
6/16/2009 c24 Tsuki Kiba Kumori
this is my favorite chapter so far ^_^
6/16/2009 c14 Tsuki Kiba Kumori
OMG! itachi smiled! i wish i could see that! great job on part 1! keep up the awesome work! ^_^
6/15/2009 c32 SerbiaTakesCntrl
I completely and absolutely love you. (As a complete stranger over the internet)
6/14/2009 c32 13Interim
WOW! This is probably the best fanfiction story I have ever read - no kidding!

I was not expecting that little twist in this chapter! That was very clever! :D

I hope Itachi is able to recover Kimi, and I hope Kimi forgives him! :O

Amazing chapter, PLEASE update son! ^^

~Kimimmari Myou Uchiha~
6/14/2009 c32 7Usagi323
NO! DON'T LET KIMI DIE! please update soon loved the chappy!^^
6/14/2009 c32 3Matsui Aiko desu
wow Kurenai-chan this is just getting better and better.

o, look graduation was yesterday and daddy brought me a bottle of champagne anyway...wo!

so yeah!

Ja ne!
6/14/2009 c32 2ELMO-kibafangirl11

juusanbi! of COURSE!

how couldnt i think of that? dammit, you really had me there, girl. seriously, i had no clue.

and though it may just be because i dont know many of the japanese numbers, you still had me shrouded in complete mystery and curiosity there.

that, my friend, is skill! nah hah.

great job, as usual! update ASAP!
6/13/2009 c32 xXDeadly.RoseXx
Oohh~! How interesting!~!

We finally get a glimpse of Kimi's past..well..more like her secrets...


Can't wait for the next few chapters where we will see more of Kimi's past...

LOVE this story!
6/13/2009 c32 2madam-cipher
Well, thank heaven that everything's been explained... and now I'm even more psyched for the next chapters to come out! Please, please, PLEASE update soon!
6/10/2009 c31 13Interim
NO! KIMI! =`(

6/10/2009 c30 Interim
! Kimi couldn't have died! DX DX DX

6/9/2009 c30 7Usagi323
why didn't Kimi go kick @$$ ninja on them to AT LEAST get away! loved the chappy!
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