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6/8/2009 c31 6yuyu4848
Oh my. Wow.

This is getting super interesting. It has been, but now especially. How long do you think this will be?

Update soon!
6/7/2009 c7 13Interim
AW I love it so far! heehee "Kimi" is a shorter version of "Kimimmari" (to me at least) ^^ OMG I love it!

6/6/2009 c31 3KittyKatKrack


Itachi JUST figured it out-SHE CAN'T DIE DANG IT!

BAH! *Smacks Kazuzu and Taro* BUTTHOLES! HOW DARE YOU?

Update plz!

6/5/2009 c31 SerbiaTakesCntrl
DUDE! WTF! How can you leave such a cliffhanger! (No pun intended) YOU NEED TO UDATE SOON WITH KIMIS SECRET 'CONTRACT'! GAH! ...I SO hate you right now...
6/4/2009 c31 2madam-cipher
MY GOSH! These cliffhangers of yours are going to kill me! This story is amazing; hope you update soon!
6/4/2009 c31 2ELMO-kibafangirl11
bloody hell woman, do you MIND?

i'm trying ta stay ALIVE here! you're killing me, KILLING!


ah well, we all die eventually... whether it's natural of if we get hit by buses...


ehh... well, update again soon! this is suckish, why cant this be a normal book where i can move onto the next chapter straight away...?

ehh... life's harsh sometimes... :(


5/19/2009 c30 10KiriNoMiko

5/19/2009 c30 xXDeadly.RoseXx
NO~! Why do you have to end it there! NO~! WHat happened!

ne, seems as though Kakuzu has a soft spot for Kimi... is Itachi's dream really an omen..?

ANd what is with the sound of flapping wings when Kimi closed her eyes... is it the same bird as the one in Konoha... THere seems to be a constant mention of a bird in the story... it plays a big role, right..?

LOVE this story! hate where you end it... stupid cliffhanger...

Can't wait for the next chapter~!
5/17/2009 c30 2ELMO-kibafangirl11


no way! oh... of course kimi cant be dead - right? you dont KILL OFF your own OC's... right?

well... mind you, in one of my future stories, i will be doing so - but MY character wont be QUITE as lovable as yours. or at least, i dont think she will. eh. we'll see.

but no! itachi is so gunna get... dead inside! and stuff!

(gah. i'm sounding fangirlish. bleh. yuck)



update soon!
5/17/2009 c30 XxVioletAshesxX
why did u mak her

pls just mak dis a dream thing

not an ome
5/17/2009 c30 3Matsui Aiko desu
Katie i love you soo so much chicka. you are awesome. blah blah blah. keep up the good work. blah blah blah XP
5/17/2009 c30 2madam-cipher
OMG! You and your cliffhangers! XD I hope Itachi gets there in time to save her... Please, update soon! I must know what happens after this! Have mercy!
5/14/2009 c29 7Usagi323
danm you leader-sama. -_- i wanna punch him! loved le chappies!^-^
5/13/2009 c29 2ELMO-kibafangirl11
ow now

in other words... no! kimi!

aww... and they sent itachi out as well... he'll be so panicked when he returns and, low and behold, no kimi in sight...

he wanted to ask her how she got out of his grasp... and then... he can :(

ah well, i'll find olut next chapter, right? cya!
5/13/2009 c29 xXDeadly.RoseXx
Ohh~! What a change of events! Hm... So Sasori was actually helping... hmm...

WOnder how Itachi would react when he finds out... hm... ne, such a drastic turn of events... hmm... interesting...

LOVE this story!

Can't wait for the next chapter!

Cheers! ^^
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