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5/12/2009 c29 10KiriNoMiko
She's leaving again? I think I feel a bit of angst coming on ...

Good chapter again! This one seems to have pushed the story along quite nicely - I did notice one typo though: you've written "reaming" instead of "screaming" up near the top

5/11/2009 c29 2madam-cipher
O-M-G. Please, please, please, PLEASE post the next chapter soon! Have mercy! The waiting is killing me! :))
5/11/2009 c29 3Matsui Aiko desu
5/10/2009 c28 tufas9
wow...nice story , please update soon... be waiting ;p
5/7/2009 c28 10KiriNoMiko
Finally got the time to read this

Very interesting chapter - we have our romance! 3 but why does Kimi have to go! THAT'S NOT RIGHT! Itachi will stop it *nods enthusiastically*

5/1/2009 c28 2madam-cipher
Oh, no! How can Sasori be so cold-hearted? And what's Itachi

gonna do? Gah! I'm going crazy over here! XD
4/30/2009 c28 xXDeadly.RoseXx
oh my~! WHat's gonna happen~!

Did Sasori really betrayed Kimi?

LOVE this story~

Can't wait for the next chapter~!
4/30/2009 c28 2ELMO-kibafangirl11
*gasps* oh!

ne-ouch! wowza... actually, i was wondering why you didnt update fangrlz.


lol... well, yeah... 'has to go'? eh? you're leaving me with THAT?




ah well... you're doing it for a reason, i suppose... meh...

but it still doesnt make me happy! except for the fact that you updated, of course... eh heh...

well, update (both stories) soon! taraa!
4/29/2009 c27 2madam-cipher
Ohh! Cliffhanger much? Please, update soon! I really need to know what happens next!

That aside, this is, by far, the best Itachi story I've ever read.
4/13/2009 c27 11ASDFers
what happens then?

oh damnit! cliffy =_=|

continue soon~

-Shyion from the ASDFers-
4/3/2009 c27 3Matsui Aiko desu

I hate you

no...I love you

no...I hate you

no...I love you


This is fustrating, anyway keep up the good work.
4/3/2009 c27 10KiriNoMiko

I mean, I was expecting a cliffhanger, but that's just cruel! .

Oh wells, at least I know you're still writing, eh?

GOOD couple of chapters my dear - /very/ good :)

4/3/2009 c27 SerbiaTakesCntrl
O.M.G. *Gapes* That was an AMAZING update! GAH! I cant wait till the next!
4/2/2009 c27 6yuyu4848
O.O wow... That was really really, wow. Update soon please? This is getting awesome.
4/1/2009 c27 2ELMO-kibafangirl11
of (again!)

that was... interesting... oo-er

really... but doesnt that mean that wats-his-face (lord kishimoto) wont die? because he's not in the actual explosion?

ah well... lol

update soon, yeah? (XD)
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