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for Konoha Juu ni

3/16 c7 Guest
Awesome, hopefully the next update will arrive this year, unless you decide to abandon this story and if so then I'm sad for life
10/9/2019 c7 14Rain of the Forest
This is awesome! And I can't wait for Naruto to give the old man a new one once everyone is back in the village. He an't about to take shit from the old man, no matter how much he may care for him. Especially when the old man was sending his family into situations that higher rank shinobi should have been getting.
12/25/2018 c7 10Devil Dragon Stand Knight
Think you could include the Jinchuuriki into this? I would also like to see Rin Nohara as the Three-Tails instead of Yagura.
3/6/2018 c7 3Ash0011
neat, finally got around to reading the new chapter, I can't wait to see what naruto makes of the mirrors
2/1/2018 c7 3Kelstar159
well this is a really intresting story. ive alwaye wondered what would happen if the konoha 12 were friends since they were kids. your characters are certainly believable. I am a bit disheartened to hear that you kight not update for months/years but i digress. keep up the good work
9/22/2017 c6 3Ash0011
it's disappointing this hasn't been updated in so long, this story showed a lot of promise (though not including technique translations was a bit frustrating)
4/28/2017 c1 zezezeva
Is this story has too much exaggerated information or it's just me? But i love the story
7/18/2016 c6 1cas008angel
A great story and i love how you made them all a part of a team... wwith of course naruto as leader. U should continue doing this story and im excited to see how this will all play out what with them not trusting Sandaime... And how would it play out against Orochimaru ... Although i do hope that you make Jiraiya a great help in their team and not just a perverted Sage ... Since ya know he is naruto's god father... And with Tsunade supporting them
5/30/2016 c6 megan
I'm pouting now as I would really like the story to continue but I do know that real life takes priority over this, if you ever get the chance to come back to this I would love an update.
4/9/2015 c6 5ShugoYuuki123
Really like your story! Are you still continuing it though? :)
11/4/2014 c6 2Father Anime
I don't know why so few reviews but this is an awesome story. I know ive cheated you by not reviewing every chapter,but I will from now own. Please update soon!
11/2/2014 c6 Guest
Great chapter. The confrontation with the hokage is going to be awesome.
10/25/2014 c6 bloodied pack alpha
I understand that you have many other projects so I will wait for as long as I have to until you post another chapter. I also appreciate that fact that your chapter are so long. Thank you for posting a story that no one else had the brain to write it this well.
10/11/2014 c1 redruby8
I like tge idea of them starting off as friends first. Sasuke is less of a bastard and help sakura cuz everyone know she needs it. They have a group too thats so cute i hope no one gets hurt in this thou, well not seriously.
1/24/2014 c4 3KageFireGal
love the story so far and cant wait for more!
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