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4/10/2016 c23 10BeeWonderland
Omygod love this! When are you gonna update
5/31/2015 c23 3RubberduckyQuen
Love it! Such an original idea, and it works! Super excited for the next update!
4/22/2015 c23 2Big Glasses Girl FanFic
I have been waiting for the romance! Ohhh I am so excited, please update soon!
4/22/2015 c23 1Dark-Wolf7
Wow great chapter! So glad to see you've updated. Loved this chapter and how you handled this scene while still managing to keep Spot in-character. Although I physically cringed during the scuffle/dislocation scene (ouch!), I can definitely tell that it would take something like that to make him react softer to Mids yet still feel like Spot. I feel you handled this whole situation very well and am DEFINITELY excited to see this story progress further. Thanks for the chapter!
2/18/2015 c22 violet rose 6
Plz update
12/27/2014 c22 Guest
I love it! Please review soon! I love the drama! They are a tad bit too harsh to Midway though.
12/27/2014 c22 Izzy
This story is brilliant! I really like the way that you're writing Spot and Jack - its like you're showing a darker side to newsie politics. I think that Jack is more suspicious about Midtown and Spot apparently dating than he lets on, and I'm looking forward to him trying to catch them out in increasingly drastic ways. Your OCs are really good, 3 dimensional chaaracters as well, although we haven't seen a lot of Edge and Guil recently. Those are the girls that know Midtown the best, and I think if anyone is going to work out that she is spying for Brooklyn, it will be them before it is Jack or any of the other boys. I haven't worked out where this comes on the canon timeline yet, but I'm guessing pre-strike, because none of the Jacobs family are around. Maybe if Davey was here then Midtown would have been caught out already. I think I've rambled enough, but I've really enjoyed this story thus far and I cannot wait for the next installment!
11/25/2012 c21 2ForeverYoungForeverLostGirls
I love it!
And I think you're one of the few authors who can write Spot.
Amazing, keep it up!
And update soon!
3/4/2012 c20 skitteryissexy
Dis is amazing da betrayal da plotlines lets just say wow and now she has to pretend she is in love with spot.hehehe wonder where this will lead
3/3/2012 c20 1kitcool
please please continue please please
8/18/2011 c19 21Kirsten Erin
Just finished reading everything you've got here. It's really good. :) Jack seems a little OOC from the movie, but it's your story so you can do what you want. Lol.

Man, I feel so bad for Midway. If I were her, I'd probably just skip town. Of course, that's if I had the ability, though.

Update soon!
7/18/2011 c19 58Corky the Quirk
:O It's been so long! I'm so glad you finally came back :)

I can't wait to see what you have planned for this story! I'm going to have to skim the last few chapters to refresh my memory!

Not that I'm complaining...considering I quite enjoy this fic!
7/28/2010 c18 ncEDGE
! i love u and this story and that stupid rat snake screw game we play at lunch. now update soon or i shall make u work alone with only a sad brad to keep u company :D
7/27/2010 c18 Corky the Quirk
Yikes, what a predicament Midway has found herself in...
6/28/2010 c17 1Psychotic-Penguin13
Make more chapters PLEASE :)
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