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11/9/2009 c17 31foreverkneeld
So...it looks like you've quit this story. I wish not. I really really like this. Please, do more?
9/15/2009 c17 6JeNnIcA-iS-tHe-BoMb
Yo! You've been reading my story so I read yours! ^^" I'm just kind of like that sort of, ANYHOO! I LIKES! I don't know if you're still writing this story or not but, UPDATES IT! I need to know what happens next!
3/7/2009 c17 58Corky the Quirk
Whoa! I never even thought Midway was a spy for her brother! it never even occured to me! I really like the twist! Please, please, please get back to the story!
3/7/2009 c14 Corky the Quirk
No! Not Mush! he's such a sweety! poor dude! ha ha, but a good plan by Mids none-the-less :)
3/7/2009 c11 Corky the Quirk
ha ha ha! did i mention that Edge is pretty much amazing? and poor blink, what with his eye and all! but hey, i can't say i don't like the patch...
3/7/2009 c7 Corky the Quirk
Ha ha! yeah, it would be hard to stay in a bad mood hanging out with Mush!
3/7/2009 c6 Corky the Quirk
woo! so i figured it was finally time for me to review! sorry i haven't yet! i just want to say that i absolutly love the story! edge reminds me of someone...o wait, me! lol, she pretty much rocks, and i love midway, i totally agree, boys are always oblivious! ha ha!
12/15/2008 c17 Twirple
I love, love, love this story. I like the fact that you have three girl newsies, not just one, and that they are there to help each other out. Now I'm just waiting to find out what will happen with Patrick. Somehow I doubt he's going to keep his word. It just seems like the meeting went a bit too smoothly. Especially since the Harlem boys dragged Nancy kicking and screaming back to Harlem when they thought she was Midway. They do that, and they lock Midway in a closet and then he lets her go that easily when they meet. I feel like there has to be more too it than that. Anyway, keep up the good writing. I love it!
12/13/2008 c17 1S.Grim
an encounter with Cobra! good chapter :) I have a feeling there's more to come for Mids.
12/11/2008 c17 ncEDGE
holy crap it took me ten minutes to find the review button. haha. may i just say i love edge. haha AND YOU DINT PUT A DISCLAIMER! haha. im going to tell disney! um so ya i fricken love cobra, though he seemed so nice... which was weird for my interpatation. but o well. GREAT JOB!
11/11/2008 c16 3Indiana9311
Oh my god!This is so good!Please update very very very son! Are the girls gonna end up with anybody?
11/5/2008 c16 KingofChicago
This is really great and i hope you update as soon as possible. I really want to know what happens between Midway and her brother!
10/8/2008 c16 1S.Grim
Update! and it was a good little chapter too. :) definitely agree with the QT's statement on the level of "Mush" it was just fine.

I've probably said this before, but I really like Mid's character! Oh, that witty girl...
10/7/2008 c16 Lil Irish QT
I really enjoy reading your story. I don't know exactly what grabs my attention but when i saw that you updated i was just so happy.

and just so you know I don't think there's too much Mush. it's just the right amount of Mush.

update soon

10/6/2008 c15 Lil Irish QT
OH MY GOD! i just sat here and read all 15 chapters and I need you to update soon. I love your writing style. Midway is such an interesting character as is Guil and Edge.

Please update soon.

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