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9/23/2008 c3 3WillowLe'Beau
I just finished reading your story! It's amazing and I can't wait for more!
8/29/2008 c15 3BrownEyedBaybee
this is a really good story. i really enjoyed and and cant wait to see what happens next

please update soon
8/29/2008 c15 1Dark-Wolf7
Wow! That's one lucky son o' a gun! LOL. But if there's Harlem boys in Manhattan, there's no way Mids is gonna be able to stay there. I'd like to see how she gets out of this one. (If she does at all) There's only one thing I know for sure after this chapter...Mush is gonna beat her A$$. XD
8/28/2008 c15 1S.Grim
mids is leaving a trail of newsies in her wake. :) poor mush. that was definitely a lucky escape on her part, though! can't wait to see how the story develops!
8/25/2008 c15 lilnewsie77
great chapter but ouchie haha
8/16/2008 c14 ncEDGE
Ok the next time you decide to go down a dark alley, make sure you bring me. I'll beat them up. haha, or blind them enough that we can run for it. haha. you already know i love this story, no need to say it again. ok, I LOVE THIS STORY! ahha k bye
8/16/2008 c14 18huffle-bibin
Oh no! Poor Mush! Poor Midway! Ahh! Stupid Harlem thugs. I hope they get soaked. Love the story, can't wait for more!
8/16/2008 c14 lilnewsie77
fantastic chapter!

poor mush =(

and OH NO!
8/14/2008 c13 1Mids-all-the-way
OK, i have no idea where I'm really going with this beyond the next three chapters. I'll have to think of something. Anyway, Dark-wolfsomething-or-other brought up a nice point. My Harlem peeps are very out of character and I have no logical explanation except that it was late, and I was tired. I also want to apologize if my idea of Harlem is totally out of whack and SO not true, cause I just kinda needed a bad guy, and Harlem popped into my brain. I also have no idea if Harlem was predominantly black or not, and I'm sorry if that is inaccurate. My B! Thanks for all the support! (I'm not supposed to review myself, am I?)Oh well!
8/14/2008 c13 1Dark-Wolf7
Awesome story. I love the Newsies and your characters are great. I like how you've kept Spot's character in place as the no-games tough guy. And definately a nice twist with Midway being the owner of the Refuge!

Having Nancy dragged away by Harlem was amusing but it got me wondering. If Harlem are such huge enemies/rivals with Manhattan, why did they treat Midway and the others so politely? But either way, can't wait to see more of what happens with Midway and Cobra. :)
8/12/2008 c13 ncEDGE
haha you lied to everyone!@! LIAR! hey did u read my one shot?
8/12/2008 c13 lilnewsie77

haha i'm a new reviewer to this story cuz i found it only recently. but i love the story so far! great plot and everything. and Mids owns the REFUGE? haha sick. okay can't wait til the next chapter. update soon!

8/11/2008 c12 1S.Grim
I'm interested to see where the story is going. Write soon!
8/11/2008 c8 S.Grim
unexpected twist - thumbs up :P
8/11/2008 c6 S.Grim
i thought this chapter was funny (i.e. Midway getting whacked in the head ha.) but she was a bit of a downer. though in the end, it mostly balanced out
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