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for Me and my friends as Pokemon Trainers

5/2/2011 c1 2D' Auroral Frutalia
Nice story you have here and I have to admit you have talent for pokemon... Although it's not a great trend anymore I don't care I still like pokemon...

Weak point I only see one... Writing stories in a paragraph format is not bad or terrible but it's difficult to read... I haven't seen your other fics if they have the same format so I'm checking them out. When making sories please add spaces or line breaks, so people can read easily...

The rest of it is nice so don't worry about it...
7/12/2008 c1 Optimatum
Sorry, no good comment for you.

1)You have a giant block of text there. It confuses readers.

2)Grammar, dude. When someone talks, start a new paragraph. =)

3)...Stu-ish not? "Me and my friends as Pokémon Trainers"? Sounds very stu-ish/sueish to me.

Altogether, I'd give you a 1.5/10. Take my advice, dude. You never know what score I'd give you next.

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