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for Shades of Red: A Hellboy Story

4/8/2012 c1 RandomCitizen
I agree with the previous reviewer

You should continue, not enough fics in this section and it was good. ^-^
1/18/2009 c1 8dog youkai jane
This is very well written. I love his last statement. it's funny.

If you wanted, this could become an actual story instead of just a one-shot.
8/14/2008 c1 Sam
Outstanding as usual! I'm glad someone's finally made a decent story. Fanny Davenport is someone I can visualize in the "real world". You gave her the typical emotions of a human seeing something or someone complete alien to them: Fear and Curiosity.
8/12/2008 c1 5Lunnaei
That was great. Fun and a very believable encounter with someone otherwise not used to the supernatural. I love how you keep Hellboy IC, that always makes a work of fanfiction worth reading. Keep up the great work!
7/19/2008 c1 cornfields1
Okay I've been MIA, but that's not my fault. FFN has stopped sending me emails again! God knows what else I've missed out on!

Beautiful little story here. I've just seen the second movie. It's not suposed to premier in Australia until the end of August, but thank God for the wonders of YouTube!

I love how Hellboy's personality really fleshes out in the second movie, and you captured that well. Often when I'm writing I have to ask myself "would Hellboy really say that?" because as wonderful as the first film is, it leaves alot about the characters to guess on. Whereas in the second movie, things are really moving forward. There's four years between the events of the last movie and therefore four years of changes in the characters.

I love the line "as far as I'm concerned, that's good enough for me."

It reminds me of the animated Sword of Storms, and Red says "the world needs what we can do, and that's good enough for me."

It kind of shows that he's struggled with his differences, but he's been able to accept that he can't change it, so he may as well just keep on moving forward.

Good news, I'm also out of a job for the time being, so I've been writing like crazy, and I've been continuing with Ghost Whisperer.

Thanks so much for this, and I hope everything's good on your side of the world (and I hope you're going well with Hellboy's Family!)
7/17/2008 c1 1LeelooDallasMultipass
Love the Dialogue, just the responses I would envision Hellboy using.
7/16/2008 c1 KR
I like the descriptions and the Hellboy's language you got right on! The only thing, keep the story comic verse where there are no relationships between any of the characters! Otherwise continue!
7/14/2008 c1 28TheShadowCat
Very nice.
7/14/2008 c1 12narakunohime
loved it. :)
7/14/2008 c1 LM
Haven't seen the movie yet, so thanks for not spoling. I did read a review that mentioned a tree creature much nastier than an Ent-and I could have guessed Hellboy would dispatch it.
7/14/2008 c1 Rebelwriter1
Good job, this was sweet.
7/13/2008 c1 2Crysith
Very nice! I enjoyed it greatly, will you please continue? This sounds great!
7/13/2008 c1 226Zaedah
I've long made an effort to avoid reading things with original characters. But when I see your name attached to a work, dearest, I can't help myself.

A lovely and gentle chastisement over a question he's clearly heard before. Loved the way he carried on the first part of the conversation with himself as she stared. And the endearing reference to Broom was touching. As always, you put your heart into every piece and it shows!
7/13/2008 c1 WhoMe
Just wanted to say I am quite a fan of yours. This story is great, and I look forward to reading even more HB from you!
7/13/2008 c1 7jelibeanne
Ah ha! An OC, I see.

I have to say that this is amazing. Absolutely captured not only the big red guy and Fanny, but the environment in which the two meet. While it can certainly be a stand alone, I think you could have a lot of fun developing this into something more.

I have to warn you, I've heard relationships based on intense experiences never work.

Sorry, Speed movie reference over now. ;)

Thanks for sharing!

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