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5/10/2012 c1 4Tinyterror
NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! AXEL! *Throws self into grand canyon.*
10/25/2008 c1 14Schmelly Inc
I really enjoyed your story! ^_^

Some of your sentences at the beginning were a little choppy, but then as the story progresses, your words flow with so much more ease and it was a joy to read, even though the concept in general tugged at my heart strings...poor Axel. I liked the way you portrayed the characters too, I felt you did a good job keeping them in character.

I hope to read more from you in the future and I'm glad your friend hooked you on AkuNami! ;) Lol, phooey on popularity, AkuNami is pure love to me and I think you did very well in portraying their relationship! So, great job!


8/15/2008 c1 4Spirit of The Gauntlets
Cute! Good idea for a story. It was written fairly well, and your mechanics seem fine. Nice job!

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