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for Broken But Good

2/10/2009 c1 13Kitten630
Wow. For the first time ever since I found out this website existed, I'm gonna keep things short. Wow.
7/14/2008 c1 23Stitchfan 82
This was vary good.
7/14/2008 c1 OneAwesomeGel
Snaps for Kat and her luffely stories that make me feel all fuzzy inside. *snap snap*
7/14/2008 c1 35Gothic-Romantic99
It's nice to see the story from Nani's point of view. You did well with keeping Nani in character and in fact it felt like it could have been her diary entry. I like how you change Nani's perception of Stitch as the situations change in the film: at first being Lilo's friend, then "A monster." but then later, as "part of the family." This story could have used some more description so as not to read like a movie summary. Also there could have been a little more emotion to better capture her stress for finding a job and to express her worry, sadness, and anger over having her sister kidnapped. Overall it was pretty good.

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