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3/22/2017 c1 lunamoon531
I love these types of fics, their simple darkness makes my day :) thx
10/11/2014 c1 waiting for Fred
4/12/2014 c1 pikachucat
cool idea
2/8/2014 c1 1Sakihinata
hum, well that sure was sad. I mean, even Voldemort was taken aback.
6/19/2013 c1 27Triple Rainbow
I like it because it's so random.
7/25/2012 c1 25lisa.demonic.angel
I've always wondered how stupid people are to force a kid to do all that; rather pathetic. Like ur story though
4/29/2011 c1 Helily
Oh yes, of course I liked it. Thank you for sharing. It made me smile with happiness. It's such a beautiful, peaceful ending.

3 3 3
2/23/2011 c1 12Emerald Sage
I think it's sweet at the end. No one deserves peace more than Harry.

Em =)
1/19/2011 c1 no1234556679
Liked it! 3
3/31/2010 c1 4I'S Watcher
Nice one shot. Yes, I am stalking your Harry Potter stories...
11/26/2009 c1 5Tonks-is-cool
The epitome of depression, sad, but very well written.

Yes, why should Hatty care or sacrify himself for the wizarding world?

They turned their backs on him too often, or used and manipulated him, apart from very, very few people.

Something I can not logicaly justify, although of course it happens in canon, where Harry is the good little hero walking to his own death, dutifully following Dumbledores orders beyond teh grave, despit all that has happened to him.

But I dont think LV would grant him is wish as you write it, that is too easy, it could be a trap... as it was in DH, wenn the AK "only" killed LV´s soul part in Harry, one more precious Horcrux destroyed.

If LV were sane, he would take Harrys wand, break it, force the boy to kneel before him, (A powerful picture, the B-W-L surrenders to the Dark Lord, "resitance is futile" like the Borg say) then send him to the dungeons to deal with him later and to find out why he wants to die.
7/9/2009 c1 5Phantom Feline
Cute, and perfectly reasonable, I say!
5/10/2009 c1 LifeMattersDoesntIt
Nice! loved this it was a nice read. But I dont think Voldy would have let harry go that easily since he was giving up. ah well ur fic still like it though♥
2/15/2009 c1 1BettyBoopSweden
A very different story and I really love the idea. I have just one problem with it...the fact that I DIDN'T THINK OF IT! :D:D Loved it!

Thanx for sharing!
1/31/2009 c1
Odd, but I liked it.
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