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for Pretending Hate

4/29/2011 c2 1shadowmccloud
i will guess, Kasumi?
2/14/2010 c2 windsister
Kasumi. : ) The "Oh my" at the end gave it away.

Well written, though!
4/13/2009 c2 98Mat49324
I'm guessing that's from Akane's point of view.

Anyway, although the chapter was pretty short, I still liked it.

12/29/2008 c2 5Miss Evy
it was really good. I think if you were on either one heads ypu would get those thoughts and doubts.
11/8/2008 c2 Unknown-River
wow! i like this story beacuse it's kawaii and a good explanation on why they act so baka! it all makes sense now! ^-^ thx 4 writing!
10/12/2008 c2 deletedforpersonalreasons
This chapter's good too,you can feel some angst and determination, very nice :)
10/12/2008 c1 deletedforpersonalreasons
Konnichiwa! :D it's pretty good, a little awkward at the beginning but your writing style is good and you put in some ice characterisation too ^^

I'll review the next chapter in a min.

(P.S: Could you pwease, maybe, maybe review my Nabiki's Reason too? :( it hurts my ego to see so few reviews... :D)

Also,if you like, I'm in the middle of writing another Ranma story, I could send it through Docx if you're curious ^^)
9/18/2008 c2 5jdcocoagirl
short yet it showed someone else pov and i love how it is presented. update soon.
9/17/2008 c2 8Akane112
Is it Kasumi?

heheh., I love this one., short but understanding and sweet.,., in my point of view ^^

love it!
9/3/2008 c1 Akane112
nice... simple and simply nice.,., =)
8/5/2008 c1 12O'Donoghue
Nice. A little depressing over thier character for an observation without resolution, but well written, and extra respect for english skills as a second language.
8/3/2008 c1 7xxarmisteadxx
Thanks for writing this! Good job! :D
7/26/2008 c1 17io sono mi-cchi
I simply love this... an explanation of their fights... ΓΌ
7/17/2008 c1 2Pattie6485
Aww thats so cute! Finally, theres an explination for their fights ^.~

Aww! they confessed their love ;_;

AWESOME for your first Ranma/English fic! Wow! ^^
7/15/2008 c1 VeiledMalice
It's pretty good, but I've seen the concept executed better in a couple other fics. It's still a fair interpretation, though. Good work.
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