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7/26/2012 c2 5rabid kuma
Ahahahaha... Lemon cake... . I love lemon cakes.
12/14/2010 c3 4thephantomcat
Hey, I dont even know what this sirece is and I thought it was great. Thats hard to do.
6/15/2009 c3 promocat
this is so cute & sweet!keep up the good work!
1/23/2009 c3 ShindouSerenity28
No, I don't think it sucked. It was a bit short and I wish you would have held out on them having sex for a while. I thought you would tease your readers a bit more before finally reaching that point. All and all you did a good job. Well, later!
1/23/2009 c2 ShindouSerenity28
Wow! Go. Ritsuka! He, he...
1/23/2009 c1 ShindouSerenity28
Very interesting idea. Yeah, this seems like it will be a great story too. Later!
12/13/2008 c2 1apatia-a
OMG! This story is great and it really goes along with the whole instinct thing really well!
12/10/2008 c3 3yuki-sui
11/13/2008 c3 1picasso-face
are you sure thats your first lemon cake? Your really good. ^.^ this tory is soo cute! update soon plz?
11/9/2008 c3 1Juu of Seven Tails
The only thing wrong with the sex scene between Soubi and Ritsuka lies within the 'prepping-stretching'; as a general rule of thumb, any male should only be able to fit the index, middle, and ring fingers of his hand inside another. It's not quite necessary to stretch any more than that.

A little more detail, and use of third person as opposed to first and you'll have a fine story on your hands. Grammatical errors and punctuation are one thing, nothing big.

But... this was a nice little chapter. (:

Keep going~ and the best of luck to you. ♥
8/6/2008 c2 6Goddess of Power
Continue! That was a nasty cliffhanger! You have to continue with some more chapters, please!
8/3/2008 c2 4sagesther
One quick question-

Do Natsuo and Youji still have ears?
8/3/2008 c2 1disArmingAngels
Lemons? Lemon cake? Lemon pie? (Does it matter?) Yes, please! Go ahead and make all you want. Hehe, great idea by the way, it suits the whole neko thing doesn't it? Loves it much. -disArming
8/1/2008 c2 6Lady Uruviel
ooh, i smell lemon cake're not crazy...XD


Ooh, please write more!
7/28/2008 c2 4vividlyvibrant
*drool* oh. my. god. UPDATE THIS OR I WILL SCREAM. AND SCREAM LOUD! You don't want my parents thinking someone was murdering me would you?


Update Please... ^^
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