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10/21/2013 c3 7Steph32297l
Watch your spelling. People will think you're a fake if you spell "Johto" like Jhoto. That's what Pokemaniacs call a 'poser'. Just a warning.
1/28/2012 c3 kakashi008
you should make another chapter i just loved it
5/22/2011 c3 1HottPinkNailsItsBarbiee
So it kind of moved fast...

In between the speaking, you could put what the character's thoughts were. Like idk, uhhh 'Ash couldn't believe what he was hearing. He was about to get married to Misty, and now May had just declared her love to him. His head hurt, just thinking of choosing between the two girls...' That sort of thing ? & oh yeah, it would be nice to have descriptions of the characters also. Like, Misty has orange, spiky, hair.. ? Or something along those lines.. or May wore a red bandanna with this and that type of clothing... It sorta creates a better mental image in your brain when youre reading if theres a lot of description with the dialouge :]

Other than that, it has a pretty nice plot. & I'm just kind of lost b/c I don't really watch the show. But I hope you appreciate my review, as much as I do, yours !
5/22/2011 c2 HottPinkNailsItsBarbiee
Who is professor Oaks again?

Like I said, I havent seen this show in like a loooong time. But its cute, I remember thinking Ash and Misty liked eachother when I used to watch it. Didnt they like meet over a stolen bike or something? lol.
5/22/2011 c1 HottPinkNailsItsBarbiee
I'm not really a Pokemon fan but I promise to review at least one of my reviewers stories :] so here I am.

It's cute and I understand it, for someone who hasnt watched the show since I was like 6. Haha.

Uh, you could include a little bit more detail in between the dialouge, so its not just Ash and Misty talking to eachother.
4/19/2011 c1 lol
you leave even worse reviews then I am leaving.

This is great.

This is great.

This is great.

This is good.

This is great.

This is good.
2/18/2011 c3 3PrincesVulpix100
is itaaml or aamayl i hate may's guts i have a suggestion tell your readers what they are about to read !
11/20/2010 c3 3Thenewme9
awesome waiting 4 the next chapter
9/6/2008 c3 13Brenman
Well, it was going good for the first two chapters. Unfortunatly the third chapter ruined it. oh well. better luck next time.
7/26/2008 c3 anon
loved it; i hope it turns out aamayl; please update soon
7/25/2008 c3 kjh
thats bullshit
7/20/2008 c3 Danielle
...What the hell was that?
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