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9/16/2019 c16 KP
Love this so cute :)
1/12/2014 c16 Emma
Please write more soon!
1/12/2014 c11 Emma
Lovely! I'm so glad I found these!
1/12/2014 c10 Emma
Love it!
1/12/2014 c8 Emma
This is amazing also i love you
6/6/2013 c3 Guest
omg. so funny! new rivlery. cat vs. doctor who will win? oviously the cat! LMHO
10/25/2009 c4 38loveislouder94
Aw...that's so sweet! Brilliant characterisation, too. =)
10/25/2009 c1 loveislouder94
Lol...poor Doctor. Makes for a very amusing one-shot, though. :)
1/11/2009 c16 15Chloerules4eva
This is well sweet :P
10/12/2008 c16 starting anew
Nothing happened, but still; AW!
10/12/2008 c16 9xOx-Waiting-For-My-Vampire-xOx
Hiya been readign for quite a while now but, Blimey! It's been a while since ulast update hasnt it? I jope the next wait isn't to logn oh and it's on my fav's
10/11/2008 c11 Adieu FanFic xxx
Nah! Not fluff. I am so enjoying these 'incidental' drabbles. Just dipping in to a timeline, only stopping for a glance or two and then off to the next. I am truly enjoying them!
10/11/2008 c10 Adieu FanFic xxx
Yup. I'll take anything that sticks it to River Song. I liked this.
10/11/2008 c9 Adieu FanFic xxx
That they could share this, a subject that nearly every other 10.5/Rose fics seem to see as such a point of contention; this was precious and deeply moving.
10/11/2008 c16 BringMeToBroadway
This is sweet-keep up the good work! And good luck with your plans to own 'Doctor Who'. ;)
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