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for Digimon Adventure: Dark Times Emerge

8/16/2008 c4 9Phantom shadow mask
YAY Tk and Matt parents are back whoot whoot ^_^ hm laughing voice could it be piedmon?
8/16/2008 c3 Phantom shadow mask
Holy crap the dark ocean is back
8/16/2008 c2 Phantom shadow mask
Wow the Chinese govt sure is evil of the quick assumptions. They should look at the big pictures. Also the people that are pessimist need to be optimist that is in this story.
8/15/2008 c1 Phantom shadow mask
awesome prologue love it ^_^
8/8/2008 c5 4DoMoreThanBelieve
Nice chapter!
8/7/2008 c5 9SugarSpiral
This is good :)

I should probably stop saying that...

But it is ^,^

One small point though, try to vary your vocabulary a little more, if you use the same descriptive more than once in the same sentence it can get a little boring!
8/6/2008 c5 8Empress of Jyoumi
OMG! I so love this chapter! I hope the Digidestined can bring peace to the world though. Plz update soon!
8/2/2008 c4 Empress of Jyoumi
In all honesty please don't be mad but this chapter was a bit dull no action or anything. I hope you are not mad. pls PM me if you are or not.
8/2/2008 c4 9Lord Pata
this sure looks interesting, loved Patamon sleeping and sucking one of his small fingers, I love that cute little digimon ^^

another nice touch was getting TK's parents together I really liked that ^^
7/31/2008 c3 8Empress of Jyoumi
hi this is good but ttoo much of Kari bring others in as well this is just a tip to make a good story. at least TK and Gatomon. By the way can u make this story Takari
7/31/2008 c1 1Dawn of Glory
This is very nicely done, however, I'm what you call a 'Perfectionist' so i found errors that my nature wouldn't let me ignore, usually, i nag on people till they fix those errors, but you said that english wasn't your primary language, so you can be forgiven. (i really like this alot, errors or no errors):)
7/31/2008 c3 319Lycans Are Gods Gift To Furrys
Pretty good story
7/30/2008 c3 1Dawn of Glory
Very nice! please update soon!
7/30/2008 c3 9SugarSpiral
Not bad :) good choice of character.

"Not even her closest friends and Gatomon" should be "Not even her closest friends or Gatomon".

And try space out your work a bit more... my eyes can't quite handle paaragrpahs that long!
7/28/2008 c2 8Empress of Jyoumi
this is interesting! update soon!
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