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for The Wizard's Black Cat

9/24/2015 c1 Guest
more chapters please and thank you
7/28/2011 c1 1purehearts22
Omg. This story seems amazing! You need to update it!
6/15/2011 c1 autumnannette19
Whats next, whats next?
5/14/2011 c1 Guest
WTF! it waz so short! PLEASE UPDATE SOON
4/3/2011 c1 10Tiger DeRanged
It' sounds like an amazing story! Please update and finish it soon!

Love ya

3/23/2011 c1 1PunkRockGummybear
WRITE MORE, PLEEEEEASE! it seems ineresting (short as that was)
1/31/2011 c1 xDarklightx
I like it. It sounds interesting. Update soon.
3/23/2010 c1 Natasha Dumbeldore Heartnet
What the FUCK is this suppose to be! You Couldn't even finish it!
1/10/2010 c1 mystickitsune92
please continue
10/18/2009 c1 Anonymous
that was just... disappointing. your grammar and writing style is alright but... longer, please. and update.
9/1/2009 c1 2Alyssa Tyler
This sounds awsome! u should update this soon, cause i wanna see what happens!
8/13/2009 c1 6Yuuseki no Yume
Sounds intrestin. Update soon, plz.
8/11/2009 c1 7nonowriting
... why hasn't it contenued? ITS THE ONLY ONE I KNOW OF! please contenue it! falling asleep right know though... please contenue. z
7/24/2009 c1 4candinaru25
oh no whats going to happen to Harry?I await the first chapter.
7/20/2009 c1 2Kagamine-Rin14 - Ikarin
Continue, continue, continue...
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