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for Unknown Dangers

7/6/2018 c15 13TheRedScreech
I just ripped through this whole thing and I love it because it's full of fantastic pain and angst and comfort and lovely, lovely brotherly goodness! Also, your humour is spot-on and flawlessly timed!

Thank you for writing!
4/29/2018 c15 Violet
Plot, character development, plausibility, humour, and all with a standard of grammar and syntax so often absent from fanfic. A pleasure to read. Thank you.
11/24/2017 c15 94lilidelafield
Came across this story as someone else's favourite, and now it is one of mine! Love the brotherly fluff, and I hate to say it, but I am a sucker for hurt Alan docs. Lovely stuff!
10/19/2017 c13 58charmedfan120
10/19/2017 c14 charmedfan120
10/19/2017 c15 charmedfan120
Brilliant I loved every chapter
11/14/2016 c15 Tlc
Any chance you will re-upload your other store smothered by my brothers? Love your stories but missing a gap in the whole storyline
11/8/2016 c4 Beth Akers
Lovely story, great ideas I would like to see more of this!
11/5/2016 c4 Beth teen 15
Very good, I like the part qoute!: "Ta-take what back eeeekkkk! What did I- NO!- what did I do?" 'He gausped, laughing uncotrollably as Gordon's fingers wriggled around Virgil's stoumouch' I liked this part of Tickle Tourture I've seen the fan art called "Hugs and giggles" which is very similar exept John's tickling Virgil, not Gordon. I love Virgil, he gives me that warm got feenling. ️ U Virgil! ️️️️️
10/9/2015 c9 ngairetaylor
Hi, again loving your story.
Shame Virgil was not an Advanced First Responder.
As an advanced First Responder I was certified to administer an amazing drug called Penthrox. It has been used in Australia for years. It is administered via an inhaler or "whistle". It can be attached to oxygen therapy... Which is what I'd be giving Alan for Pain and to help cushion agains shock.
Penthrox has few negative side effects and the protocols I was trained under allowed it to be administered to any patient that could state how much pain they were in. (So not to casulities with Altered Levels of Consciousness or very young children).
As it is self-administered I noticed that it also assisted with anxiety that is seen in casualties with high levels of pain.
... But then again if Virgil could have given Alen good pain relief we would not have the level of hurt / comfort you have given us in the story.
I love your work... The bit with Dad having to hand his phone over and owning more than one was great... Loved it.
BTW... Have you seen the phones now out that use more than one SIM card? I was told about them but have not seen one myself.
In the original Thunderbirds show there was an episode where two boys "playing" International Rescue accidentally had their radio calls mistaken for a real call for help. I'd love to read a version where one of the boys gets injured on a rescue and their communication device gets "found" by a young boy.
With thanks for some great reading,
11/19/2013 c5 15Ariana-tan
Hi. Um, what was the name of the scarlet fever story, and do you still have plans to re-upload that one?
8/28/2013 c15 OceanBlueSpirit
Great story, really loved it! Loved all the brotherly connections, especially Alan and Virgil. Happy that everything turned out okay and that Alan is well again. Great work. :)
8/1/2013 c4 5Cbearc
I love tickle moments

Think you can do a oneshot or something with Scott and John tickling Virigl?

1/2/2013 c15 killer4853
love the story
12/1/2012 c15 Hooahjesse
Wow! This story was amazing! I have never read something so good in my life! You did an excellent job showing the character's love for each other. I also liked how you put the character's thoughts in italics. Normally I like first-person view for stories, but I liked how you did the point of view. I loved this story very much and I'm looking forward to read you're others! I do have one criticism however. You are very foolish not to publish this as a book!

-Jesse Bless ()
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