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7/28/2008 c10 37black4minister
so sorry i didn't review the last 2 chapters, i was away and didn't get the chance. i'm so glad alan will be alright but now of course they ave to deal with the rest of the boys. i wouldn't be suprised if virgil ends up colapsing from stress, it can happen very easily if you keep to much inside. i can't wait to see what scott will do to the reporter, i would guess he will eventually punch him but maybe we could get some sarcastic conversation first, hm? anyway, please update soon, i can't wait to see what happens!
7/28/2008 c10 4Lunaretta
Goodness me.. I haven't reviewed in so lon, have I? I've ben working on chasing my plot bunny back where it should be, working on a million assignments and studying for my finals I haven't had any time to read your fanfic.. and it was sure a good break!

7/28/2008 c10 72criminally charmed
OK, let's get any negative nabobim outta the way. Typos again - twice you used "and" in place of "an" (very confusing) and the was an "A" where there should have been an "I". Not much, but stops the flow of the story.

But an otherwise solid chapter, filled with family fluff and emotional agnst. The family will hate seeing Alan like that. And Scott goes nutso on a member of the fourth estate? EXCELLENT! (I think you knew my feelings already on reporters of a certain nature?)

7/28/2008 c10 14lissysue85
Yay Alan is going to be ok but poor Virgil. I feel so sorry for him. Jeff really needs to reassure him he did good. I can't see Virge opening up though. I can see him breaking down and finally telling them how he feels. Excellent chapter and well worth the wait.
7/27/2008 c9 Cutiepie2191
Wow. This is an amazing story! I just read all nine chapters in one sitting! Poor Alan! Let's hope he gets better soon:)

Keep up the good work:)
7/27/2008 c9 74cathrl
I'm never sure how to review WIP...but just a comment to say I'm enjoying this. You're certainly ratcheting up the tension and it's rattling along.

I did have a couple of qualms about this chapter - it feels like Alan's unrelievable pain is a bit of a plot device to make Virgil feel bad, to be honest. Isn't there anything else in that bag of tricks that Virgil could use? And, at the point that a surgeon's on the other end of the radio, I'm sure the amount Virgil gave Alan of the other painkiller is a completely safe dose and the doctor could tell him an "it'll be alright just this once" dose amount. Or maybe there's something else in the bag that could be administered via an ordinary injection, but Virgil doesn't know how to use? But the doctor doesn't even ask.

I'd also say that Alan's coming over as younger and younger as the story goes on. Yes, he's sick and not thinking clearly, but the discussion about appendicitis and does he like the doctor sounds more like a five year old than a ten year old.

And does anyone, anywhere, train sixteen year olds to determine and administer shots to kids unsupervised? If I was Jeff I'd certainly be tearing strips off Virgil - but not for failing to diagnose appendicitis, for trying to diagnose at all, and then throwing a sick ten year old into a plane and medicating him without even calling a doctor to ask for advice!

I hope that doesn't sound too negative. When I enjoy something, I think about it and then I nitpick. Your basic plotline here is intriguing - what did they used to do in an emergency when the younger boys were only kids and Jeff was away? And this is an extremely plausible emergency, as is Alan's failure to report it early.I'm just not sure relying on Virgil to be a fully fledged doctor at sixteen could have been it. Scott and Virgil both knew why Dr Palmar was at that nearby hospital so he could help - so why didn't they use him? Virgil really should have called him for advice the moment he thought Alan had bad enough heatstroke to give him a temperature.

Now I'm going to say again that apart from the bits of plot device that are vexing me I'm really enjoying it...
7/27/2008 c9 10Angel Spirit
Aw...hehe, you have me now going from poor Alan to poor Scott, to now poor Virgil! ((hugs them all)) You just love to find a way to torture *everyone* don't ya? (and you know that that's why we love you as an authoress, right?) I nearly sighed in relief when Jeff finally managed to call and at least get Scott calmed down a little bit...but it sounds like both thunderbirds 1 and 2 are going to need a little bit of tlc and maintenance after this, ne? ^^" I can see Virgil fighting to stay by Alan's side during the operation...I don't think I could stand seeing him in the sidelines, Tom seems like the kind of guy who would at least let Virgil hold Alan's hand...*nods* always, it needs to be tomorrow already...*grins*
7/26/2008 c9 3BlueEyedAlchemist
Poor Virge!

Can't wait til tomorrows update.

i went up to my cousins so I had to go 2 day without knowing what was going on lol.

7/26/2008 c9 8Lampala
Great chapter! I feel sorry for Virgil too. Please update soon!
7/26/2008 c9 72criminally charmed
Cool. OK, lets see

Drama will increase, the boys will take turns falling apart. Virgil and Scott blame themselves the most, they will be the worst.

Of course the surgery won't go smoothly. You wrote the story. Plus I remember the flashbacks and references in SBYB.

Jeff is stressed to the max. Did he think to call Brains and tell the Hackenbackers he was stranding them there?

See you tomorrow.
7/26/2008 c8 8Lampala
Uh oh, I wouldn't like to be Scott telling Jeff. I wonder what he'll say. Poor Alan. I'm glad he's got Cocoa, though.
7/26/2008 c9 3SpikyStar
whoa brilliant, just the right amount of drama and tension x
7/26/2008 c9 27princessezzy
Oh no, poor Virgil! i don't know who to be more sorry for now; him or Alan. Wow this really has me on the edge of my seat, it doesn't matter that i know he's gonna survive, i still need to find out!
7/26/2008 c9 e
this chapter was amazin update soon
7/26/2008 c9 eeb bee loves to read
poor allie his side must be killing him and virg for blaming his self it isnt his fault. loving the everyday updates that way i dont sit around forever just waiting for an update, that drives me crazy.

anyways love the update and update soon please and thank you.
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