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11/28/2012 c13 5Cbearc
When Scotty punched Rivers, I literally fist-bumped the air and shouted, "YOU GO SCOTTY!" man, I wish I was Scotty right then!
9/2/2012 c15 128lederra
It was a good story, there were a few spelling mistakes thoughout the story but no so bad that it was impossible to work out what the text was saying.
5/17/2012 c1 73JOTRACY123
Ok only just seen this story so i am going to be reading for a couple of hours now xx
9/29/2011 c15 6TBMom
Just finished reading your story again! Love it and the way you make the all the characters so real. Hope you do another story soon!
7/25/2011 c15 Laesk
a good story, i enjoyed reading this a great deal. thank you for writing it up and sharing it with us all.
9/12/2010 c15 lauren cullen-shan
i loved it!
6/3/2010 c15 6purplebunny94
really good story and you're a great author as well!
1/31/2010 c15 9charming2drew
I think it's official. I've probably read all of your Thunderbirds fanfics. I'm such an addict. But seriously, you have a great writing ability. I cannot wait for more stories from you! Please keep writing Thunderbirds! :D
10/29/2009 c15 26Angel-Sue76
Wow another great story. This is one my big brother can relate too. Like Alan he got appendicitis at that age. It was a pretty scary time. This is another wonderfully written story. Something tells me you have a little personal experience with this subject.

Virgil's guilt was so sad but understandable too and it was so great that Jeff was able to help him to see sense. I loved Scott jumping on him too. The emotions were well written and so heart felt. Plus the odd touch of humour was perfectly placed.

Well off to read the next one now, hee hee.
7/18/2009 c15 McHammy
Because this is such an awesome story, I couldn't review it chapter by chapter because I just had to know what was going to happen! A truly excellent story LMB, very well written, hugely entertaining and addictive! I think I'd have been pulling my hair out if I'd had to follow it chapter by chapter! I do love a happy ending!
7/15/2009 c7 McHammy
Oh, I'm with Virgil on the movie music thing.

Poor Alan - appendicitis - who's gonna get him to the hospital?

Great emotion in your writing LMB - I can feel the boys distress in this chapter. Lets hope Jeff is contactable now?
7/15/2009 c6 McHammy
OMG! it was ages ago I started reading this, and then things happened, real life and other stories! I've just re-read the first five chapters, and enjoyed them just as much the second time around.

I can't believe Jeff has 3 cell phones, no wonder the man is grey! I don't like the sound of Alan taking a turn for the worse - I shall read on and experience the shattering of the peace and tranquility on Tracy Island!
5/12/2009 c5 Anonymous
How is 10/11 too old to have a teddy bear? I'm almost 13 and I still sleep with my favorite stuffed animal. (He's a cat who's fur is now fuzzy and his formerly polka dotted ribbon doesn't have any polka dots...Now that I think of it, he probably came from the University of Pennslyvania (At least that's what I think Penn State's offical name is...I truly don't know.) He was given to me by my aunt not long after I was born, and now I can't sleep without him...)
4/25/2009 c4 2untamed canine must be getting kinda sick of my messages by now lol

anyhoo! i'm going back and reading through your stories again...because you can never read them enough! they're always good to come back to, read again, and pick up on little side stories and things you may have missed...

so i was reading over this story, when a found something really really rare

dun dun dun


".."Here." I voice called quietly, and Alan's blond head appeared through trees..." [top of chapter 4]

there you are Em, something to respond to your craving of constructive critisisisism

ahaha, have a good one

4/25/2009 c11 untamed canine
"...Thomas winked at Jeff, then turned and left the room. Jeff smiled in amusement. Oh yes, I'm sure Melissa and Abbie had remember all the trouble they had in preventing Scott from leaving the hospital, the last time he was in here. He'd sustained second-degree burns and a concussion from getting caught in a small explosion whilst working on Thunderbird 1's booster relay systems. Brains had been away at the time, so I had flown Scott to the hospital in Tracy One in order to get him checked over by a professional. I might have basic EMT knowledge from my days with NASA, but I'm no doctor. Huh, Scott wasn't so happy about having to stay here for a couple of days. Not happy at all. The nurses were preparing to use restraints before Thomas arrived and managed to get Scott to comply with the treatment. I think Tom would have been the only person that Scott would have listened to, apart from myself, but I wasn't allowed into the treatment room. When it comes to my eldest boy, stubborn just doesn't do him justice..."

THERE'S A GREAT STORY IN THAT! [and yes, also fueled by fav character bashing X^D]
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