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for Unknown Dangers

3/23/2009 c5 McHammy
I love the fluffy bits! Naughty Alan, he really needs to tell his brothers about his pain! Virgil gonna's feel bad at misdiagnosing him - but then he doesn't have all the facts. I can tell things are going to get worse before they get better. Another great chapter LMB.
3/17/2009 c4 McHammy
Great chapter. Poor Virgil, I hate being tickled!

Scott is going to freak out if Alan gets worse and hasn't told anyone, and then probably start blaming himself!

What are they going to do with nobody else on the island!
3/14/2009 c3 McHammy
Naughty Alan, he really should tell someone he's not well! I wish I lived on a tropical island and could take a picnic down to the beach!

Good chapter LMB. I'll read on!
3/12/2009 c2 McHammy
That was a lovely fluffy family chapter! Again the inter-action between the brothers is excellently written. Poor Alan, he really should tell someone he's not well.
3/8/2009 c1 McHammy
What a great start. I love the way you write the brothers and their antics! Poor Alan, and with Jeff not there I can see things getting pretty scary for the Tracy family.
2/5/2009 c15 153Phx
Very nicely done. Kyriebess only recently (like this week) tweaked my interest in this fandom, although I did see and enjoy the movie. It just took me a bit to get the idea of puppets out of my head. And then, I feel in love with get-Alan and his brothers being all protective so when I started reading this story, I'll have you know I ended up being up until the wee hours of the morning reading it all in one shot.

I really love the distintive feel you give to each of the brothers. That, I think, is the hardest thing because with the five of them, plus their father, it can be challenging. And I really loved how attentive they are to each other, and most especially Alan. Like I said, I'm a sucker for vulnerable littlest bro :)

Excellent story - loved the true feelings of the brothers and the complexities of how each of them dealt with what was happening.

Very truly enjoyable. Thanks!
12/6/2008 c15 t-d
Can't be bothered to sign in, but you oughta know who I am by now.

Man, you have it in for Alan! And Virgil too. I reckon they're your favourites, am I right? Liked this one a lot - the medical stuff is all a bit beyond me, but I'm impressed that you manage to make it all sound so believable (although you must have been one unhealthy/unlucky/accident prone kid yourself!). Really, really cute - and hey, what else is fanfiction for?


ps - just so you know, I'm now counting your excuses for why Brains is never around when they need a doctor... ;-D
11/28/2008 c15 83sammygirl1963
Awesome ending to your story Emily, couldn't have been written better. Now I have a request of my own to make if you are still writing with everything you have to do lately-I would love to see the story behind how Scotty ended up in the hospital and drove the nurses crazy! Of course, if you have already done that one-I will be reading it sooner or later because I plan to check out all of your stories my friend!

See ya soon,

11/28/2008 c14 sammygirl1963
Awesome chapter as always and what a beautifully written scene between Alan and Virgil-Virgil finally finding out that Alan didn't blame him for what happened at that Alan still loved him unconditionally. How cool was it for the other brothers to see Virgil singing to Alan while hi baby brother drifted off to sleep!
11/28/2008 c13 sammygirl1963
Yay, Nathaniel Rivers finally got what he has been asking for courtesy of Scott! I love it, but oh mercy, I hope doesn't get too mad at the kid, I mean, Scott was only protecting his family, even if he did lose his temper with a member of the press!
11/28/2008 c12 sammygirl1963
You did it again, you had tears rolling down my cheeks with this chapter. Jeff couldn't have been any more perfet for Virgil if he tried. He knew exactly what to do and say to maek his child feel better and he took a ton of guilt off of Virgil's shoulders! He is such an awesome dad! Oh if the world only had more dad's like him!
11/28/2008 c11 sammygirl1963
Another fantastic chapter Emily. I thought after he found out that Alan was going to be okay that Virgil would finally pull it together. I sure hope that Alan can get thru to him before he does something rash.

WAY TO GO SCOTT-I loved the way he put that reporter in his place!
11/28/2008 c10 sammygirl1963
Another awesome chapter Emily. I don't like the state of mind that Virgil i in and I hope Jeff toalks to him soon. He really needs to knoww it wasn't his fault for not diagnosis Alan sooner. Can't wait to see the reaction of the others once they see how Alan looks.
11/28/2008 c9 sammygirl1963
I sure hope Tom can help relieve the guilt Virgil is feeling-at least he let him know that he did the right thing in not giving Alan the stronger medication.

Wow, I felt so sorry for Jeff too Having to find out what was happening and then actually hearing Alan's scream over the phone.
11/28/2008 c8 sammygirl1963
Dang, it is literally tearing Virgil apart knowing how bad Alan is hurting and that he doesn't know how much of a pain killer he can give to Alan to make it better. Damn, I knew the guilt was going to eat away at him and it's defintiely already started-so not good!
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