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1/15 c21 selthar
A girl with Ino's looks and Kiba's personality? She's gonna be a handful...
3/29/2021 c3 1SynxisDeMind
All this power in six months?!

Well I actually wan to see where thus goes so I'll continue.
I'm sort of amused by this "mature" Naruto
12/14/2020 c20 Obs3rv4nt-Onl00k3r
How I learned to stop worrying and love The Biju!
11/9/2020 c17 Guest
this is good but KILL SASUKE HE ISNT NEEDED AS THE REINCARNATE LIKE IN SHIPPUDEN SO KILL HIM AND SAKURA OFF but i liked the chapter but kill him a little later
11/7/2020 c14 Guest
so I've been reading this for the whole day and I reached this and the biggest smile came across my face LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SOMEONE ELSE HATES SASUKE it isn't that I hate so much it's just how naruto was trying to get his ass back to the village and stuff like it pissed me off but if you could change one this its to have him have the same kcm mode as the anime but so far this is how it should've gone in the anime.
11/5/2020 c7 Guest
it was good but his name is kurama
11/5/2020 c2 Guest
this is low key worth reading bro its like naruto but 1000000000000000 times better
10/20/2020 c21 4camilaflordeloto
I liked this original fic!
8/28/2019 c7 7Cranky Monkey 699
Ok so love the story so far but found a plot hole. Like the sharingan the buakugan can not see through the hidden mist jutsu because the mist would be saturated with chakra. They would only be able to tell the mist isn’t natural. It’s debatable whether they would be help or hindrance in the mist because of that reason even if both doujutsu enhance sight considerably
7/4/2019 c21 Enforcer209
Well that was an alright story
3/18/2019 c21
That is not a fate worse than death...that is fucking mercy...I am a bit satisfied that he kinda got his powers removed but still I wanted that Lil shit stick to scream,cry, beg for death getting fucking humiliated like shit till his mind was mush and then ripped to shreds...I hate that guy so much that I wanna bathe in his blood...fucking arrogant no good fucking asshole...fucking Finnegan ...feel my power bullshit...why was he pardoned in the cannon I would never understand...he just fucking switched personality ln an God damn Arc and that's it...naive fucking crybaby...he is just as evil as orochimaru...if he deserves death than so does Sasuke...idk why people think him as a cool character...God damn same shit over and over and over and over through the whole series...I lost my mommy I wanna cry..I want revenge on Itachi...oh shit I killed my big brother coz I cried for mommy and killed my brother without thinking for a moment and now I cry for I want revenge for leaf village ...oh I know truth now ..guess I will fight...but still control the tailed beasts coz I can... nothing changes in his a fucking broken raido which is constantly sulking and killing people...and people somehow like him...anyways this was a good story and I really liked it...but I would have loved it more if there was Sasukes blood flowing like a river...
7/31/2018 c6 3shadowcolt7051
Actually they do. I spent time there in the military
6/15/2018 c21 Crimson Hawk Wolf
Cool story and I really like how you ended it. Bummer that the duck butt died in the end but oh well. I also really enjoyed those A/N you added at the beginning and end of the chapters as well. I needed something that was a bit funny at those times so it worked.
4/22/2018 c4 Kingkong101
Bitch naruto
2/22/2018 c11 Aqua Aquana
Prouder is not a word
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