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10/31/2016 c23 Guest
More plz this fanfic was amazing I loved itaxsaku loved it plz write more ! XD
11/24/2013 c12 Darkened Blossom14
nice story and wow the scenes were like WOW!
12/8/2011 c23 2Emeliaaaaa1133
Gah! I loved the story! :) Like, I giggl;ed alll over the place. :p I was reading it in my living room and at one point, being the total fangirl I am, I began to burst out laughing and my sister walked down and was like, 'Wtf?' :p
6/21/2011 c21 Guest
This was the best itachi Sakura Sasori fanfiction ever great work and

Can't wait to read more of your works
1/3/2011 c23 2Black Rose Danny
YAY! and that is the best ending ever! i giggled a bit! also i loved the story as a whole as well!
10/7/2009 c23 8MystiMess
This story was absolutely adorable. :)
8/6/2009 c16 IAmDoneWithThisAccountGoodbye
As far as I have read, the story is good! I especially loved this one; it had DeiSaku! :D
7/27/2009 c16 4Toylet-thug
Sakura seems like a whore:(

Good plot line:)
7/27/2009 c3 Toylet-thug
FINE! I will review dayum it!
7/17/2009 c23 random person
One of the BEST FANFICTIONS EVER! By the way, the ending was pretty funny! ^_^
7/17/2009 c17 random person
7/9/2009 c23 Itachisgirl88
loved the story
7/3/2009 c23 9Jus-Chan
this story is amazing u have to write a sequel lol
5/3/2009 c23 AB
Cute. Good story.
5/3/2009 c22 AB
MIndless fluff. Me like.
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