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2/5/2019 c6 21daianapotter
Ains varian... Cuando te enteres de lo que está haciendo liam...
2/4/2019 c5 daianapotter
La elfa me está cansando con su arrogancia. Pero me cae bien Liam.
2/4/2019 c4 daianapotter
Encima insulta a los humanos... Como si no tuviera que darle las gracias a uno por salvarla -.- que la horda tampoco te dejaría vivo. Muy altanera
2/4/2019 c3 daianapotter
Parece que esa elfa traerá solamente problemas
2/4/2019 c1 daianapotter
Bastante simpáticos los enanos xD

Cada vez que escuchó Liam, me acuerdo del hijo de cringris (aunque claro, este es un fic de antes de cata)

Esa elfa más vale que esté agradecida cuando despierte.
11/22/2016 c24 1Nessy6666
Put a new chapter please.
3/13/2016 c14 TheSpicyMurloc
12/10/2015 c24 Spyro
8/16/2014 c1 kevflash333
This is by far one of the best stories on this board. I really hope you finish it!
4/9/2013 c24 KoldFusion
Wow read this story for about 5 hours xD Amazing Plot Hope to see it continued also I agree with vanguard There aren't enough World of Warcraft fics on this site kind of surprising considering millions play the game xD this story defiantly deserves more followers.
8/21/2012 c1 C.d.l.Santos
Been reading your story so far and you made me sit down on the couch for about 6 hours just to complete the whole 24 chapters, I know you have a lot of duties and stories to update but I hope you will start the 2nd book soon. tell you why there are a lot of warcraft lore fans here. really nice read thank you for making my day
7/22/2012 c24 Lightshard
Wow, just finished this story in one sitting. It took me about four hours and already halfway I started dreading that it would end.

To start with the praise, I just love the portrayal of your characters. Freaja (how does one pronounce that by the way? Fré a ja ?) is really the typical blood elf, too arrogant and mistrusting, but forced to rely upon her enemies. Slowly and subtly you can see her getting over herself, while she occasionally lapses back into her old behaviour. The only thing I found a little odd is how quick she overcame what may have been weeks of near-torture at the start of the fic. She sure has a very strong character to get passed that with merely a little fear.

Both Hanna and Rhandall are awesome dwarves! I'm normally not fond of the little buggers, but you really portray them as likeable dwarf. If you hadn't made them cousins, I would really think they were an old married couple. Great comic relief from time to time. Extra brownie points for the way they speak as well. It really makes it easier to imagine them as dwarf. But I know what for an amount of effort it requires.

Now, as for Liam. I myself have always been particularly fond of Paladins (I'm making my own story with a paladin as main character, though I doubt I'll ever write it down) and the Holy light. It's a faith, or philosophy if you will, that has always struck me as a useful and rewarding one. One of the problems I encountered with my character was that I didn't exactly know how she'd behave towards other races. The Light and the tenets of the order of course preach for certain ways, but nearly all races have committed war crimes in the past, and could thus be considered as criminals who should be punished. I just love the way Liam handles the situations. When looking upon another he doesn't he see an enemy, nor a Forsaken or a blood elf. He sees a person. To me it seems the best way to approach people, no matter what they did in the past, you ought to create your own judgement, without actually judging. As such I really feel that Liam captures the essence of what I would think a Paladin.

As for the story, I like it. There is enough intruige and subplots to make the whole trek from Duskwood to Silvermoon interesting. The only two small points I wanted to address was that, sometimes, they seem to be getting of easy. It's easy enough to explain that sailors between Menethil and Southshore do not care that they're transporting an Elf. But they managed to get out both Ironforge and The Undercity with mere politics. Whereas both the Dwarves, and the Forsaken are known to be thickheaded and mistrusting. The second point is that there seemed a little variation. They get in a fight in Goldshire, they get in a fight in Ironforge, they get almost in a fight in Southshore, they get in a fight in Shadowfangkeep, they get in a fight in the Plaguelands. I know that the whole trip must be kept interesting and at the same time long enough to have believable character growth, I did find myself wanting to them to hurry up. Note that both points are not really complaints. I enjoyed the current twenty four chapters very much, but I do try to find some points of (valid) criticism in my reviews.

I really love the World of Warcraft verse and it's a shame there's only so little fanfictions to be found here (know of any better place?). You really deserve a hell of a lot more reviews and followers. I hope you continue this story with the same quality as before.

Good luck with writing any chapters.
5/4/2012 c24 2xWei
Absolutely amazing! Totally and full-heartlessly loved it!

O.o must blame you for keeping me up till 3am to finish the story...took me a 4 whole hours and I just couldn't stop reading!

I love the way the characters are portrayed, and the plot is most captivating. What I love the most though, is the language, for it seems to fit perfectly in the WoW Universe- especially Dwavan speach.

Amazing job, and certainly most entertaining!
4/14/2012 c24 Kold
4/12/2012 c24 SPark681
Very nice chapter glad Freyja is home, but I sense things are gonna get rough soon, how they are all ready for what happens. Anyways keep up the great work!
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