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6/18/2016 c19 7MissMJS
Daaaammmmnn! These are good! Nice!
1/31/2014 c3 deathNoteLover23
You had me fooled :)
I was sure he was in the hospital, and Grace was with mistake...and i am indeed captivated by your word...bu alas i must go for now. Love it so far :)
1/31/2014 c2 DeathNoteLover23
Annnnnd i was right! its Harvey Dent when he became Two-Face. Again wonderfully written, the vocab is well choosen. And no matter the lenght of the piece it is enjoyable to read. Like a quick nibble of something desired, leaving me hungry for more...

PS: sowwy :( still not logged it...
1/31/2014 c1 DeathNoteLover23
Vague, but well writen. Then again Joker has always been a man of mystery...This short but well written chapter does Batman justice. (Not somthing i say half-heartedly. i am a major Batman fan!) I like the format, and your syntax...

PS: My username is DeathNoteLover235...
10/1/2012 c17 2SoBeit95
At band camp
12/1/2011 c19 15umbuby
This is amazing! I love the disjointed feel it was to it. Beautiful. Can't wait to read more.
4/13/2011 c19 Jane
I've read all the small chapters and I've got only one word to say: WOW! I myself often scribbled down little chapters like yours, unfortunately couldn't in the end sew them up into one big story and I hope you succeed in doing this to yours! I love your style, I don't know whether you imitated someone else's or is it your own, but it's really well written, very captivating. :)
3/10/2010 c18 2acigarisjustacigar
This is really good! 3
10/30/2009 c17 15Pasha Pasha
I loved each and every chapter of this!

You portrayed their relationship so well.

I love how dark it is.
10/2/2009 c17 7Allons-y Rosie
damn u are good! plz update soon
9/10/2009 c16 gea
Oh, how I missed these. You really have a gift and it really makes my day when see you've written more. I could go on and on with the praise I have for this particular piece as it was beautifully done. I loved the exchange between the two of them; so in character. And that end quote? Perfect.

I'm going to be selfish right now and say, PLEASE write more! Its absolutely necessary :)

9/3/2009 c16 5evilquail
I really like this so far. It's a very realistic abusive relationship. INteresting
9/2/2009 c16 7Allons-y Rosie
this chapter right here is why I love this fic! great work, very descriptive and unexpected. keep updating!
7/4/2009 c15 CuberFTW
Wonderful :)

I love these little short tid bits.

Can't wait for the next update 3
6/5/2009 c15 Allons-y Rosie
i love the way you noted how she was used to him; like there was no other way to live except with him. Good Chapter!
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