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6/4/2009 c15 harleyQdoll
lol, i liked this.

i think he does want her, but doesn't want to have those feelings of need for her, so he tells her to get out, so those feelings may temporarily go away. something like that, lol.

anyway, keep on writing these lil chappies, i love reading them, :]
6/3/2009 c15 4DCoD
Holy.. captured the crux of it perfectly, I think. Also, damn.. Hot and almost there to be shoved out. Ouch. heh
6/2/2009 c15 3MicroChips
I've been following this for a while, and it is very much worth it :3

Keep up the great work!
5/16/2009 c14 4DCoD
Oh, to be so enthralled by a man..

Absolutely perfect description, too. :)
5/15/2009 c14 12Vaetra
Ooh. I think this is one of my favorites, namely because it's very similar to my own train of thought each and every time I watch the movie... We all need to take time to stare at the Joker a little. :D
4/19/2009 c13 4DCoD
Good gods, I get this one. The hate just isn't real enough. Definitely not strong enough to overcome the other, more confusing dysfunctional emotions of love and devotion. Brilliant.
4/17/2009 c13 7Gea
I'm so upset I didn't get to comment on, oh, the last four chapters but honestly, they were brilliant.

In 'Spell', the entire thing was beautiful. You really stayed true to JHQ's roots while adding your own spin on things for an edgier Nolan-verse feel. 'moonstruck Cheshire grin growing ever wider as he engaged her in a proverbial waltz, her bare feet snug atop his classy dress shoes as he effortlessly romanced her with all the grace and glam of old time Fred Astaire.' absolutely gorgeous line.

'Viscus'...just stunning. 'The First Time' was both amusing and disturbing (in a good way, don't's JHQ...which means disturbing is a plus :)) given it's outsider's perspective into the sick thing that is mad love.

'Cope', my gosh, absolutely gorgeous. The imagery was beautiful and the second and last paragraphs I completely fell in love with.

As for 'Revolver', really you are too good at what you do. Your portrayals of the two are so believable; I'm envious :) They're so dysfunctional, you get every twisted quirk about them right on the money.

Love, love, love. Write more please :)
3/21/2009 c12 12Vaetra
I simply love how you write this relationship! It's so complex and changable, I could never get tired of reading about it. I especially liked the description in chapter 11, and chapter 12 reminded me a bit of that scene in Casino Royale (when she's in the shower.) Keep it up!
3/18/2009 c12 7Allons-y Rosie
very dark deep too. i like the ending
3/18/2009 c12 9DustyDreamer
truly heartbreaking. Poor harley :(
3/18/2009 c12 4DCoD
Wow. This one is so full of hopelessness, it seems, and at the same time, strength. Brilliant.
2/15/2009 c11 DCoD
*snicker* The last line rocked. The entire idea in general is, of course, snarky and just made of yayness :D
2/15/2009 c11 harleyQdoll
lol @ the ending.

good lil episode there :)
2/15/2009 c11 4shallots
wow, amazing stuff. the chapters are simple yet you capture the couple perfectly. its a really interesting approach to a fic, more is left up to the readers imagination. i love that. great job
2/15/2009 c11 9DustyDreamer
Good work! i really enjoyed this chapter - Harley and Joker stuff was awesome (of course) and I can't wait for the next update!
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