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7/20/2008 c1 FairyFox180
Hey, it's really good! ^^ Keep up the good work... =3
7/20/2008 c1 10sweetnsilver
Wow amazing story

exquiste job with the detail, i could picture everything perfectly. Vampire Knight is the first manga i have ever read, i blame the twilight series for getting me hooked. Seriously incredible job, this is definatly going into my favorites
7/20/2008 c1 7Ayumu Kurokawa
Awe that is just so sweet.

Really I love your stories.

Keep up your amazing work!
7/20/2008 c1 firefly353
yay! I was so happy to get the notice about this fic in my mail! another awesome installment, and I cant wait for the next one! I love the way you use such vivid descriptions, and how you are able to fit in things from the manga. Great stuff!
7/20/2008 c1 3abstract.serenity
Wow . . . that was hot! You sure do know how to describe the sensations and emotions involved with the Zero/Yuuki scenes in your stories. Despite what you might believe, I thought it was good how much you described Zero's lips; he does have nice lips, doesn't he? ;)

I can't wait for the next installment of this series. I think you are doing an excellent job using what knowledge you know of Yuuki and Zero's relationship from what you've read of the Vampire Knight series already. Great job! :)
7/20/2008 c1 6VampireBassist
Nicee. I don't like the fact that Kaname was shot down quite bad.

But I like the story... So much lip contact! *wink* Haha. Awesome job!
7/20/2008 c1 31Tishannia
Wow, this was amazing, I loved it! Beautiful work. =)
7/20/2008 c1 1Chicookie

That is what this story is! AWESOMENESS!


Did i say that I loved it?

=) It was great! Keep up the good work!
7/20/2008 c1 2Schizzar still remain amazingly awesome with your stories. Another great one shot. :)
7/20/2008 c1 xrose45623
OMGG tht was just so brilliant! i liked it a lot and it was very cute =) U'r writing style is really good and it completely captures the readers XD Keep writing more zeroxyuki cause i love tht pairing soo much =D

7/20/2008 c1 5Forbidden Queen
God, I fell Yuuki's pain. Pneumonia is a bitch (I'm recovering one myself
7/20/2008 c1 emillythestrange
yes! finally! the fourth one! I LOVE THIS STORY, and we're all waiting for the fifth one. i don't think you had many mistakes, there wasjust one part where it was supposed to be tries, and you put tried. but that's okay. anyways, we'd love for an M rated story next time...ZeroxYuki of course. but as long as the fifth story is up and LONG as long as this story, we'll LOVE IT!
7/20/2008 c1 X Shiki Misaki X
Omg :DD That was so cute! Zero and Yuki forever girl! The shower scene was hot! Zero is so sweet. D: Cant wait for part 4!
7/20/2008 c1 9Sweety Rahai
Son of a *facepalm* I was hoping fer a repeat of September but god damn it! *frustrated groan* You tease! :P

But lordy if that wasnt hot. I likes me a good hot steamy shower scene. its just made of win.
7/20/2008 c1 18Artsysmiles
oh! i loved this one as much as the others!

i love how you portray yuki and zero's relationship. it seems really real, as i only read the manga printed in english so i don't know what happens after volume 4.

i cannot wait for the next one!
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