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for Aura you there?

11/9/2009 c8 Bekah
write more please. i likes it a-lot.

- Bekah
11/10/2008 c8 edwardlover26
awesome story...short chapters..but great story...keep on writing :)
10/7/2008 c8 3Wrider1004
Uh-oh. bad feeling is rising again... UPDATE, so I won't have to hurt you! (just joking, by the way)
9/3/2008 c7 Wrider1004
Aw! fluffy-ish-ness! yay :) lol... Police man went bye-bye... I have a feeling that wasn't a good thing... Oh noes!
8/30/2008 c6 Wrider1004
This is Awesome! UPDATE! (Pwetty pwease? lol)
8/30/2008 c5 Wrider1004
If it was 1899, that would totally freak me out. (The swimming, then 'The king of Brooklyn' thing)
8/30/2008 c4 Wrider1004
Look! It's Spot the Jerk! lol. He was, in this chapter though. I'm glad she slapped him. He totally deserved it.
8/30/2008 c3 Wrider1004
It's hard to see the Manhattan Newsies living anywhere but Kloppman's lodging house... Oh well, I can still try :)
8/30/2008 c2 Wrider1004
Go Manhattan! Stupid men...
8/30/2008 c1 Wrider1004
Spot has a sister! Yay! lol, I like it so far :) *goes to read more*
8/15/2008 c5 9NewsiesSpot88
spot always looks perfect... haha

twas good
8/6/2008 c4 NewsiesSpot88
spots a jerk in this chapter. . . . =[
7/29/2008 c2 NewsiesSpot88
i like it so far! keep going
7/21/2008 c1 2supersweet4evr
I like it so far, I really do. My favorite character is Lauren, she sounds so cute, but I like Mary and Aura too. It gets a little confusing at times though, like I didn't really get why Aura and Mary were crying until the second chapter. But overall, it's really good!

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