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1/24/2009 c2 3Shizuka Taiyou
You still make the BEST SD Gundam Force fics. 50/5 for you! Ya deserve internet cake, muffins, cookies, candied nuts, and chocolate. Take your pick in one or all of these. Ya deserve them. More goodness. MORE I SAY! I want to know if they save Zero from being almost raped by that son-of a b_ch of a knight. MORE GODNES!

1/23/2009 c2 6Michael J Angelo
Long chapter, yay~! X3

I really enjoyed the way you captured everyone's personality so well, it was well written. l3

Soy sauce...XD

Please update son~!
11/9/2008 c1 3Shizuka Taiyou
Poor poor Baku. I feel for him man. I hope that Z (That's Zero's nickname that I gave him) gets back to the others.

I WANT MORE. MORE PLEASE. MORE MORE MORE MORE! (you can tell I really like this don't ya? By the capital words it means that I love the fic. Or when I do that one country song that goes 'I like it, I love it'. When ya see that. It means that I love the fic. And want to read more.)

11/4/2008 c1 6Michael J Angelo
...Was that the end? It seemed like you left it open for more...

That was a great story, keep up the good work~! ;)
7/25/2008 c1 Lacerta Caliginis
Oh, another SD gundam force fanfic. I will be keeping track of this fic as well as my other favorites. ^_^

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